Uncle Ike’s OK Program Stirs The Pot

Uncle Ikes

Shits getting spicey here in Washington State, thanks to Uncle Ike’s new Ok Program. If you don’t know about his program, let me fill you in.

Uncle Ike’s Third Party Review

There are many that call Uncle Ike’s corporate cannabis, but Ike’s doesn’t grow. Besides that, they are invested in their local community as well as always looking out for the consumer. Uncle Ike’s new Ok program is proof of that and is best explained via Uncle Ike’s page

What is Ike’s OK?

Every month, five products randomly selected from our shelves are sent to labs for PESTICIDE, HEAVY METAL, and MICROBIAL testing. The program is paid for by Uncle Ike’s, but administered by cannabis consumer safety advocate Jim MacRae and journalist Tobias Coughlin-Bogue, to ensure that it’s fair and impartial.” The two gentlemen administering the program are well respected in the cannabis industry, one I know personally and the other by reputation, that being said, it’s nice to see Uncle Ikes allowing a third eye to help oversee products.

To see the latest results go to Uncle Ikes OK page and for a breakdown of the failings and what needs to be addressed, I direct you to Jim MacRae’s Hi-Blog.

Now For The Spicey

The recent batch of testing found multiple failures, some products even containing outlawed pesticides like imidacloprid and Eagle 20. One of the companies Iconic made a statement, here’s half of it from Iconic’s webpage;

After a careful investigation pertaining to the failed test results on some of our products, we have identified with the cooperation of a Processing partner and state traceability, the Producer (Grower) that used myclobutanil in levels that exceeded Washington State legal limits. In addition to an immediate voluntary product withdrawal, we have implemented 100% pesticide testing effective Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, and are urging Washington State to enforce stricter standards on all cannabis production.

A crude oil processor from whom we purchase material has identified the source of the contaminated raw material. Quote, “…I was able to track back the production runs to materials provided to us from OG Farms.”

We are not the only Brand to have been affected by a failed pesticide test, but we are the first Brand to make immediate and drastic changes. Additionally we appreciate the cooperation of our processing partner as we both scrub our facilities clean of these contaminants.

If we want this industry to be respected and held to high standards we need to police ourselves and hold each other accountable for the safety and health of our consumers at every level. By every Producer. Every Processor. Every Retailer. Once we determined the party responsible for the dangerous levels of pesticides found in our oil, we immediately terminated our relationship with them. We are also considering legal action against them for their fraudulent conduct.

Part of the I502 failing has been this separation of producer-processor, here we have a processor blaming the producer for the test findings, more specifically they call out OG Farms. OG Farms replied via a Facebook post with this;

There have been comments and statements that OG Farms is using illegal pesticides. OG Farms DOES NOT use illegal pesticides. There are not and never were any pesticides or fungicides used besides the legal product Neem Oil. We welcome any testing facility, to come personally get a sample from any plant or bag on the farm, upon request.

Honestly, I don’t know who to blame here, but one thing is for sure, there is a failing with the present I502 system. There could be multiple scenarios here, OG Farms could be pushing a bad product, or maybe Iconic doesn’t clean their containers when making batches, either way, its the consumer that loses here, and not just the consumer but their nervous system when exposed to enough bad product. I smoke about two ounces a month, and if one of those ounces were a bad product, I don’t wanna imagine how my body would feel.

What’s In Your Cannabis?

You are what you eat (or smoke) is not just an old wives tale, but back in the day before there was any form of legalization, there was no testing of the end product for the consumer. As someone with a weakened immune system (I have asthma), I appreciate the efforts being made at Uncle Ike’s. It’s unfortunate that we’re still in a state where I hear people making a purchase say “Give me a gram of your most expensive shit and like 2 grams of the poor stuff.” or that people think the highest THC make for the best experience while neglecting CBD and other cannabinoids as well as terpenes.

What’s most unfortunate out of this whole thing is none of this product is mandatory to be pulled from shelves. The agency that’s supposed to be looking out for the consumer’s interest merely wants the companies to pay a fine while maintaining sales, for more information on this check out Jim MacRae’s Hi-Blog post here.

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