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Check out our second installment with the Cannabis Industry Lawyer, Thomas Howard and cannabis activist, Miguel a.k.a Miggy420  talking about cannabis and the news surrounding it. Join us as we shoot for every Wednesday at 12 pm PST or 2 pm CT for a live broadcast as I devote my lunch time and Tom talks from his home office.

We hope to entertain and enlighten you for at least a half hour. This week I brought up Washington State’s fight for homegrow, we address Kamala Harris’s interview on the Breakfast Club, and I scurry off at the end because it is live and I am at the day job.


Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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My name is Miguel but I go by Miggy420 on the interwebs. My mission is to end prohibition through education, entertainment, and spreading awareness of those facing injustice, we are stronger as a whole when we're all informed.I don't have a degree but my resume includes 8 years of blogging, 10 years in the military, and presently working in the tech industry.