Turkey Legalizes Marijuana Production In 19 Provinces

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Marijuana is a very versatile plant. That’s why it has been valued for so many centuries. It has the ability to clothe, feed, and heal, among other things. I often feel like marijuana being illegal for so many decades has made many people forget how much it can help society. You can also add to that the destruction that can be avoided by not prohibiting marijuana.

It sounds like that second thought has gained traction in Turkey, which recently decided to legalize marijuana production in certain parts of the country. The production will be highly regulated. Per Independent:

Published in the Official Gazette in late September, “Hemp Cultivation and Control of Regulations” will allow highly-controlled and ministry-sanctioned cannabis production in the selected provinces for medical and scientific purposes.

Under the regulations, growers must obtain permission from the government allowing them to grow the plant for a three-year-period, Turkish newspaper The Hurriyet reports.

Potential growers must produce a warrant proving they have not been involved in any illegal cannabis production activity or narcotic production or use in the past.

I’m ecstatic to learn that Turkey is getting on the right side of history, but I’m saddened to hear that people that have been convicted of marijuana offenses in the past will not be allowed to apply for permission from Turkey’s government to cultivate marijuana. That’s a concept that has been applied in the United States as well.

Who better to know how to grow quality marijuana than those that have been doing it for years? Hopefully that provision is changed once legalization is in full swing in Turkey and it’s proven to work. In a perfect world Turkey would allow citizens to grow their own cannabis.

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