Toto, We’re Not In Kansas Anymore: Pamela Lewis Jacobsen

pamela jacobsen

Who does one turn to when mainstream media doesn’t cover anything cannabis related unless it’s a law change or a bust, to people like me. The media doesn’t want to tell you marijuana is medicine while at the same time acknowledging that people consume cannabis as a recreational alternative; but we do and it is medicine.

Pamela Lewis Jacobson was on her way to Colorado from Mississippi with medicine she was using to treat pain and cancer, medicine that isn’t recognized in her state but is recognized in 23 other states with functional dispensary operations and 21 other states with severe restrictions. People who consume cannabis for medicine only want to be law abiding citizens but when you get pulled over in the wrong state during April with out of State plates this can not happen in. Something that should be a holistic option for every American.

Pamela was trying to treat her conditions the right way for her by going to a legal state but Kansas just like Michigan is an example of the law targeting people as easy revenue, she is a victim not a criminal but is trying to do the right thing and pay off the fines that way she can travel through the State again in order to see her family without fear of incarceration.

Several people in the Cannabis Community have spoken for her including Amy Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran who started the “Talk To The Hand Campaign” the cannabis consumers reply to the DEA after their recent claim that marijuana has no medicinal value despite the fact that the U.S Government created patents proving otherwise and in fact still has 8 living Federal Medical Marijuana patients that receive monthly tins of prerolls as medicine. Amy has created an online auction via a website and Facebook Event Page.

The auction includes sports memorabilia, items from Walking Dead cast member Santiago Cirilo and as of this write talks were in work with Tupac’s family and a message sent out to DMX. The funds being raised will help cover Pamela’s fines in Kansas while the surplus will go to help other cannabis law victims to be doled out by Amy-Dawn Bourlon-Hilterbran of the American Medical Refugees Group.

Also giving support Andy Hull of The Hope Grows Foundation, who has provided Pamela a donation page to help pay the 2000 dollars in fines that Pamela needs to take care of in order to remain a free citizen.

Pamela’s fight started in 2010 when she was first diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the Bartholin Gland. After months of treatment she was cancer free, only to have her body wrecked from the treatment, months later she was admitted to the hospital with an infected gall bladder, pancreatitis, and a perforated colon. After multiple surgeries, the removal of half her colon, and colostomy bags, her husband left her, leaving her to fend for her own well being.

Colorado has been the place that Pamela has found a community of access for her medicine while living on a low income. The average citizen can not afford a 2000 dollar and this is how States manage to create a debtors prison off of people who believe in cannabis. I urge you to please click on the above hyperlinks and see if you can help Pamela, another patient turn criminal in a prohibition state.

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