Tommy Chong on Toking with Nick Diaz, Legalization and the ICBC


I am proud to help organize the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) and am so excited to help the event go truly international by venturing into beautiful, cannabis-friendly Vancouver, British Columbia, next week. All of Canada is abuzz with the prospect of legal cannabis coming soon nationwide, so the ICBC is heading to our neighbor to the north at a great time. While entrepreneurs will be heading to the ICBC to learn and network, most will be lying if they don’t admit that they are excited to have a chance to hear from, and meet, cannabis icon Tommy Chong.

Ahead of his appearance at the ICBC, Tommy spoke with Smell the Truth about several topics. On smoking with mixed martial artist Nick Diaz:

STT: What was it like smoking weed with Nick Diaz a few days ago?

TC: Great! I love Nick! Except he gets a little pissed off at me because I always mix him up with his brother. I was talking about, “Are you all healed?” and he says, “Oh, that was Nate.”

But other than that, we have the best time, he’s such a cool guy. He’s so intelligent. He could be an actor. If anything, I’d love to see him in a film.

Tommy also touched on what he’ll discuss at the ICBC with STT:

STT: What topics do you plan to address at this year’s ICBC?

TC: Well, mainly the approach, the mental approach, you know. I’d like to get rid of all this anxiety and all this worry and all this crap. I mean, we’re in the marijuana business, come on. Don’t get uptight, don’t get territorial, don’t get worried about your profits and all that stuff, and concentrate more on what we’ve been doing for the past 100 years.

I have had the great pleasure of speaking with Tommy and even got him to autograph Johnny Green’s Chong Bong. Tommy’s career has very much mimicked the evolution of the cannabis industry as he has been laughed at, laughed with, persecuted, imprisoned, and, finally, vindicated. Not many people know the extensive showbusiness career of the Tommy Chong, particularly how he started in music and even played a part in the signing of the Jackson 5’s very first record deal. Tommy will definitely dish on his entertainment career, his time in prison (when the U.S. government targeted him for selling bongs) and his new business ventures. I am especially excited to hear him talk about some of his adventures in Vancouver, as he’ll be back around his ol’ stomping grounds.


Tommy Chong signed the Weed News' Johnny Green's Chong Bong at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene.
Tommy Chong signed the Weed News’ Johnny Green’s Chong Bong at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene.
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