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Homegrow is an essential part of legalization, that and emptying prisons. Washington State legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012, but there was no allowance for homegrow in that. Making everyone that was treating themselves holistically or had a small grow for personal use, a criminal.

During the transition from medical to recreational, Washington State activists grew a reputation for being kooks, but there was a reason for this. With activism comes passion. The medical people fighting State legalization at the time were fighting for the rights they had at the time. They were fighting for the right to grow their own medicine without being on a registry, and they were fighting for their lives.

When medical marijuana was the law of the land, Washington State cannabis consumers were Washington State medical patients who were genuinely sick (from psychological to physical, cannabis does it all) and people willing to say it just makes my day better, doesn’t that make it medical too? Those were the consumers, as well as, the producers. The people selling you your weed was most likely from the State, since the legalization it has brought in people across the country and that’s not necessarily all bad.

Recently I had the honour to stand amongst a group of people who decided to speak up for cannabis common sense in the Washington State House of representatives, in favour of HB2559. It was an amazing day where I learned about policy making and why deep pockets win, but in this case, civil rights, social justice, and America prevail because full legalization is best for all.

“Homegrows already exist, we just want to be law-abiding citizens.” is what I wish I said smoothly but instead I said “I just want to be a law-abiding citizen” which is ok, either way, here we are.

I have to say thank you to Johnathan Kingsbury. The man who initiated Team Homegrow. You see, Washington State industry members have been divided since the legalization of marijuana. Something I tried to appease to here in Toke Signals. If it wasn’t for Johnathan’s efforts though, I don’t think the ball would have rolled as well as it has.

The final piece of the puzzle is Bailey Hirschburg, N.O.R.M.L’s Washington State lobbyist who has been on the grind since I502. An out of state dreamer who has made a positive mark in his new state. Bailey was able to get HB2559 and now SB6482 where they are at today.

As Don Skakie and I arrived for a pregame meeting, Bailey greeted us with the news that Republican Maureen Walsh signed on to sponsor HB2559 on the House side, many words about this statement blew my mind.

We gathered at Twenty22Many’s  headquarters for moral and tactical support. The following is the testimony in front of the Commerce and Gaming Commision, just the first step in many to make this law.


I asked Bailey for a quote on his efforts, and this is his reply “Senator Maureen Walsh saw the sensibility of adults right to home growing in under 3 minutes. I’m grateful to her, and her staff for giving me the first few minutes to talk. I hope we change Washington law, but even more, I hope Cannabis activists elsewhere continue to show up to lawmakers and propose better laws… Even if it takes more than 3 minutes.”

One of the best things I heard during the hearing was when one of the lawmakers asked the representative of the WSLCB if there has been any homegrow arrests since legalization and the answer was “No.”. This goes to prove that people can grow within their home and not be a nuisance because be assured, homegrows are happening now.

Passing A Law Is Complicated

So, it’s not as simple as one hearing and one meeting with the moral majority in agreement. It takes consecutive hearings and meetings in both the House and Senate before even the whole Legislature will hear it. This means that it could take twice as long to pass a law if you’re not working it on both sides of the House and Senate, this is something I never understood.

The following is something we’re trying to convey to Washington State residents, so if you are or know someone please read:

Please help pass legislation allowing adults in Washington state to grow cannabis plants for personal, non-commercial use in the privacy of their own home by taking these simple steps:

Write and email the chairs on these two legislative committees and politely ask them to please schedule these bills for a public hearing.


Senate Bill 6482 – 2017-18
Allowing nonmedical home cultivation of marijuana.
Sponsors: Walsh, Palumbo, Chase

Senate Labor & Commerce Chair:
Senator Karen Keiser (D)
(360) 786 – 7664

Senate Labor & Commerce Vice Chair:
Senator Bob Hasegawa (D)
(360) 786 – 7616


House Bill 2559 – 2017-18
Allowing nonmedical home cultivation of marijuana.
Sponsors: Blake, Condotta

House Finance Committee Chair
Lytton, Kristine (D)
(360) 786-7800

House Finance Committee Vice Chair
Frame, Noel (D)
(360) 786-7814

Then find your state legislators and ask them to support these bills!

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