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The Yelp of cannabis is Yelp. In legal States Yelp is accepting of cannabis businesses using their services, it just won’t be advertised. Most success depends on quality and consistency except in tech and cannabis. Sometimes you’re just the first one or the only option, and this gives you the power and a head start, but national mainstream internet businesses are now accepting cannabis dollars in legal states.

While I was at Seattle’s CannaCon, I was excited to see that Yelp had a booth. By Yelp promoting their wares, this just adds to the cannabis common sense, that marijuana is good business in America. Many of the arguments for extreme restrictions on cannabis has been that if we don’t, it will promote cartels. But whose cartel? I think this is the one time I don’t mind saying; I don’t fear America’s marijuana cartels like I fear America’s broadband cartels, once legal it’s just another industry, one that can give every citizen an equal chance for success in business.

Still Taboo

I stopped and talked to the attendees at the booth, who were immediately happy to interact with media because isn’t that what conventions are all about? Spreading your word and getting your message out to the masses.

We spoke of them possibly sending me information for an article or even me just reposting a statement from them. When I reached out to the local rep though her tone changed, not negative but in the sense that it wasn’t her place to speak on how they can help cannabis businesses. She had to direct me to the PR department, which I found hysterical and a bit offensive, why can’t you make a statement like “Yes, we canna help you” (trademark me unless you wanna use it Yelp, let’s talk).

The following was the response from the PR department:

Hi Miguel,

Anna from Yelp PR here. Christy forwarded me your inquiry. Thanks for reaching out.

Our local business partner in Seattle was participating in CannaCon to show our support for local businesses in this category and share resources to help them grow their business with the platform. You can find more information about what businesses can be added to Yelp and our eligibility guidelines on our support site. Further, then that, we have no comment for your story.



Anna Paladini

Public Relations Coordinator | Yelp, Inc.

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But Not Taboo Enough

Look, even though the Yelp official statement sounds like political retort, I do appreciate them showing up. There’s not much to talk about now, but I do see the game-changing, sorry Weedmaps and Leafly.

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