The Washington State Homegrow Bill is Here and Needs Sponsors

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An update on the fight for homegrow rights in Washington State. I got this message from the grassroots team fighting for homegrows.

Hi everyone,

This email is being sent to update everyone on what is happening with the Home Grow Legislation for 2019.

First, we have a bill.  On Tuesday the bill was sent to the sponsor for his approval.  Once approval is given, we begin looking for co-sponsors and supporters. Once we find co-sponsors. the bill can be filed and given a bill number.

We do have some time to speak with YOUR LEGISLATORS to have them sign on in support.

A senate bill. Although we do not yet have a sponsor in the Senate yet, we have reached out to several who are reviewing the final bill draft language and will work for their support in the coming days. This means that we hope to start the session with identical COMPANION Bills in both sides of the Legislature. This would be the farthest any home grow bill has advanced this early in any session since reform 5 years ago.

The bill. Attached you will find what Legislators receive with the Bill Draft. It is called a  “one sheet” It is a brief overview of the bill prepared by non-partisan staff and used by most legislators to decide whether to sponsor or not.

Please read the one sheet to understand how the bill would work. If you agree to support it, now is the time for action!

Take action. We will begin contacting people in order to encourage them to make appointments with their legislators. When we say “contacting people”, this means contacting you.  We will ask you to make appointments to meet with your legislators If you have not done this before, don’t worry, we are willing and able to hold your hand through the process. If you have not done so already, please double check your district number using the District Finder tool

Email ( us and let us know your district and the names of your two Representatives and one Senator for your District.

Once you do, we will follow up with what you can do next!

Thanks for your dedication to bringing Home Grow to Washington state.

More emails will follow. We look forward to working with you.

More than half a decade after 502 was passed, we still do not have the right that every other legal rec state already enjoys – the right to grow a few in the privacy of your own home.  How crazy is that? Let’s finally do this thing!

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