The South Needs To Join The United Cannabis Conversation This November

United States of Canna-Us

In some States, even if there is no policy afoot, its the year of legalization for them, take Georgia for example. When you have two choices, and one is for cannabis and the other against, there is only one choice. Stacey Abrams is Georgia’s chance to join the rest of the American cannabis conversation.

Vote Stacey Abrams

In Texas, Beto O’Rourke is the clear choice for Texas. Beto has made it known his stance on the war on drugs, by speaking at the El Paso NORML rallies and below at The Cato Institute. Beto O’Rourke would be a real change for Texas.

While these two States have a chance for change, Alabama is running like it’s still 1880 according to the Southern Law Report on Alabama’s war on marijuana. The article highlights the lives of five individuals, each was a productive member of their community whose lives were changed for the worse for something consumed recreationally in 9 States (in their perspective State) and our Nation’s Capitol legally. Where is the Justice? State by State, County by County we are changing laws and lives, as in the cities of Jackson and McComb in Missippi who reduced the ramifications of when caught with under 32 grams of cannabis.

A vote for cannabis legalization is a vote for real social justice and healthcare. Please get out to vote and if you know anyone that lives in a State that has a chance for change, talk to them and encourage them to vote for legalization this November.

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