The Secure And Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act That Won’t Pass


Tom Howard, a financial attorney advising institutions on the federal marijuana laws from before adult use was a thing, is back to discuss another non-answer that is floating its way through Congress.  On May 17, 2017, Jeff Merkely introduced the SAFE Banking Act to the Senate. It went to committee and boom, jack shit nothing.

The SAFE Banking Act did something that just dropping cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”) would do – namely, give legitimate cannabis businesses access to financial services.  We’re dedicated to turning the most legitimate cash-only business in America into just another American business.

Congress has taken action to defund Jeff Sessions and his “bad people smoke pot” henchmen at the Department of Justice, but not taken action to remove Cannabis from the CSA.  Yet, since 2013 Congress has put forth legislation like the SAFE Banking Act, which only begs the question – or raises the question: Why introduce a bill destined to die?

Congress should not claim victory for introducing a bill it knows doom to fail because the Banking Committee is run by the worst sounding named man in the Senate and anti-cannabis Republican, Mike Crapo. Idaho – another peculiarly named thing – thought it fit to put a Crapo in Office, who is blocking sensible cannabis legislation that gives Banks the ability to grease the wheels of the cannabis industry into tens of billions of dollars, or more.

The good Senator from Oregon should stop wasting our, and Crapo’s, time, and just introduce a bill to drop cannabis from the CSA.  It also may fail, but at least over 60% of Americans want Congress to pass the law legalizing cannabis.  Then, at least, we have a singular wedge that can be pushed by all of us in the movement and defeat the 80-year-old lie that is marijuana prohibition.

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