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Seattle Cannabis March

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The marijuana marches are coming! Every year people across the nation take part in marches in support of cannabis legalisation. In Seattle, the march is The Cannabis Freedom March or the extended version “Cannabis Freedom Marching for Wellness Awareness Quality of Life and Cannabis.”

Even though cannabis is “legal” in Washington State, it’s not legal across America; the marches are a vigil for the prisoners, the sick, and the deceased. The marches are chance to be a part of a bigger picture that says “I don’t agree with the law, change it.” Even though cannabis is “legal” in Washington State, we still don’t have homegrows, out of reefer madness fear of the Federal government cracking down on our State. Something I still haven’t figured out since our politicians are so bold to stand up for other common sense practices like immigration and net neutrality, things that the Government threatens to “crackdown” on and yet, Washington State and its citizens still thrive.

Previously the march was held in 2 locations. One would start in Volunteer Park and end up in Westlake Center, speeches and music occurred at both locations. This year, like last the entire event will be held at Westlake Center, shutting down a central part of downtown Seattle in the name of legalisation and common sense.

Melissa Hysom and Seattle PD

Cannabis enthusiast and activist, Melissa Hysom has been the Cannabis Freedom March coordinator for the past ten years, in protest for common sense. Her belief is “Cannabis an herb.  And there shouldn’t be the separation of families.” As she seen on so much drama on many occasions, in so many states.

The event is scheduled for May 5th, 2018 and they need you. Not just to attend but they are still looking for speakers, musicians, mimes, you name it, and most importantly volunteers. Melissa wants you to reach out to her via phone or email.

You can reach Melissa at or call at 206-420-8767 and find your niche at this beautiful event because nobody deserves to be in jail for a plant.

cannabis Freedom Day

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