The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference Is Back And Better Than Ever

oregon marijuana business conference

Oregon has more cannabis events than most states from what I have seen. It seems like every time I turn around there is another one popping up. Some of them are small and are geared towards a certain niche, but most of them are what I would classify as ‘general business’ events. Some events are good to go to for networking purposes and are a great place to learn new information. They are also good opportunities to get people’s brands out there (if they have one). But not all events are created equal.

When it comes to cannabis events in Oregon, the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) is second to none. OMBC is Oregon’s oldest cannabis business conference. I have attended multiple years, and it has always been a worthwhile time. Policy and industry has evolved so much in Oregon over the last handful of years, and continues to evolve with every passing year. I have always found the OMBC to be the best event for keeping up to speed on what has changed in Oregon over the last year, and to get insight on what changes are likely coming down the pipe. All of Oregon’s top cannabis minds, both old school and new school, are always in attendance. The OMBC is part business, part policy, part entertainment, and partly an Oregon cannabis family reunion.

As I always say, OMBC is where memories are made in Oregon. For example, I was able to meet Tommy Chong at a past OMBC and get him to autograph my beloved Chong Bong (bucket list!). The event always kicks off with a VIP reception, which this year will feature Henry Rollins. Henry Rollins, despite not being a cannabis consumer himself, has as much passion for cannabis reform as I’ve ever seen from a cannabis event speaker. His stories are absolutely unreal.

The conference itself is jam packed with speakers that include activists, entrepreneurs, politicians, and regulators. Below are some examples of what will be covered this year:

  • OLCC OVERVIEW Q&A This OLCC panel will provide an overview on the latest changes to Oregon’s regulations, including the new law that allows qualified medical growers access into the recreational market, and what you can expect in the near future. Have your questions ready and get engaged in what is sure to be an informative and engaging discussion.
  • BUILDING A CANNABIS BRAND FOR THE MODERN CONSUMER Within the next 8 years, Cannabis is estimated to be worth more than $50 Billion. Large multi-national corporations with established processes and formidable budgets will be competing for their share of hearts, minds and wallets. NOW is the time for small farmers to build their brands and businesses and own their slice of the pie. But how do you build a brand to compete with the big corporations?
  • PROTECTING AND IMPROVING THE OMMP The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program has undergone drastic regulatory changes the past few years, making it harder for compassionate growers to care for as many patients as they once did. There are activists and organizations working to reverse course and implement policies that protect and improve the OMMP for small farmers, mom-and-pop businesses, and patients. Learn the latest and join this important conversation.
  • SETTING UP YOUR COMPANY FOR OPTIMAL SUCCESS Navigating the IRS 280E limitations can be a daunting task; if not properly understood the risk of paying too much tax, or being audited, is high. Operating a parallel business to reclaim otherwise disallowed deductions is a tried and true way to handle the 280E limitations. Selecting the right Business Entity for your business is essential and by far the most effective way to mitigate your tax liability as well as keep your audit profile low.

Oregon Senator Floyd Prozanski, a long time champion of cannabis in the Oregon Legislature, will be doing a question and answer session to cap off the the conference. After the conference there will be an OMBC after-party hosted by hip hop group Souls of Mischief. The VIP reception will on November 18th, and the conference itself (and after-party) will be on November 19th, with the event taking place in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. Early bird tickets sales go through November 3rd. You can find out more about the OMBC, the venue, and everything else that you need to know at the OMBC website.

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