The Opioid Crisis Response Act Is Just Another Political Placebo

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A new opioid bill known as The Opioid Crisis Response Act geared towards big pharma has passed with an unprecedented 99 to 1 in the Senate. A bill that seems to be more of a gesture than solution to me; a gesture which involves throwing billions trying to find a solution when the answer is right in front of you, give people a chance to understand real horticulture first hand which will enable the citizen who in turn is part of the society we all live in.

We live in a world where a bunch of old politicians can shake each other’s hand and say “We did it!” A bill asking for more non-opioid based painkilling drugs but if we had holistic options, there wouldn’t be a need for this kind of bill.

Why must my medicine need to be manufactured in a lab or by someone else? Why can’t I try an organic non-toxic plant first? Instead, we’re treated like cattle and are told unless it comes with a list dangers, you can’t try it. There’s plenty of warnings to put on cannabis, things like yes you can consume too much which could induce panic attacks to lack of motor control functions but no one has ever died from cannabis or had rectal bleeding as noted in some blood thinners.

The opioid crisis has been caused by American ignorance by restricting our ability to have a proper homegrow. As modern-day Americans, we have not reached our fullest potential as we arrest future engineers and present-day business people. Instead of possibly healing what cures us naturally we’ve run to the stores for things in a bottle. Not denying modern medicine, I will not be extracting tumors with a pocket knife but I will be fighting cancer with my cannabis use along with a healthy diet.

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