The Cultivation Classic Is Going To Be Outstanding


I have been lucky enough to consume cannabis in many states. In most cases, it was some of the best cannabis that the state had to offer because it was at an event and the local dispensary owners were bringing out the best that they had to offer. This may be one of the most cannabis-snob things I have ever typed, but I truly feel that Oregon has the best cannabis. I’d imagine that claim is resulting in people somewhere in California, Colorado, and many other states calling for my head.

Everyone thinks that they have the best cannabis, and maybe I could be wrong, but I just know that when I travel around I am always very happy to be home. Oregon is home to one of the oldest cannabis cultures in the nation, and because of our climate and large amount of rural areas, Oregon is also home to some of the best growers on the planet. As I always say, there is a reason why Jack Herer lived here as long as he did.

The past couple of weeks I have been a judge for what I think is the best cannabis competition event out there, the Cultivation Classic hosted by Willamette Week. I don’t know what I did to be so lucky to be selected as a judge, but it was quite an honor. I have been training for this day. Long hours consuming large amounts of cannabis, talking about it, then consuming cannabis…I don’t mean to brag, but I am very good at that! As I told one of the organizers, I have been training for this for a very long time.

Unlike a lot of other cannabis competitions, this event is basically the equivalent of a blind taste test. Many of the cannabis competitions that I see involve people knowing the names of the strains and cultivators ahead of time, and the people that are the largest sponsors at the event also do surprising well when the results are announced. Those competitions are still fun because it still involves high end cannabis, but the Cultivation Classic is a truly even playing field.

The way the cannabis looks is not even a category that judges are expected to grade on. Each strain gets up to 5 points for nose/smell, 5 points for taste, and 10 points for effect. Tasting notes are part of the judging process and are expected to be included with the scores, but the scores are what matter. I received 14 one gram samples (hallelujah!), all of which had cryptic four digit numbers on them. I have literally no idea who grew them, what strain they were, or what the reported traits were.

All of the cannabis was organically grown using no pesticides. The living soil movement is gaining in popularity across the country, but has been in use in Oregon for quite some time. Oregon growers are really ahead of the curve, and this event is going to feature the best of the best. Consumption is not allowed at the event, but I have to assume that skunky smelling containers are going to be getting passed around regularly. This is unbelievable cannabis, the best of the best, and if that isn’t enough to convince you to go to the event, there’s nothing else I can say to top it.

I have consumed all 14 strains, and all of them were top shelf cannabis. Some of them were unreal. Obviously some did better than others, but all of them were fantastic. Judging doesn’t close until May 7th, so I don’t want to post articles about the strains in an effort to keep the integrity of the competition intact, but after that date I will post some articles about my experiences with the strains. All of the cultivators that took part in the competition will be at the event on May 12th. Tickets are still available, but they are going quick. This event will sell out guaranteed, so don’t be on the outside looking in. Portland Trail Blazer legend Cliff Robinson is going to be in attendance, so make sure to stop by and tell him hello when you see him!

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