The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour Presents Tim-Me and The Hired Hands

Cannabis Saves Lives

Weednews is proud to support local 420 artists, as the Seattle rep I would like to introduce you to the artist known as Tim-Me.


Tim-Me is on tour with his band The Hired Hands, and together they will form The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour. Their next show is on Cinco de Mayo at the Global Cannabis March in Portland, Oregon. Tim-Me and The Hired Hands plan to take over the world through music and education.

The Tour features Timothy Edwards a.k.a. Tim-Me, president and founder of the tour, and owner of 1Eternity (1E) with various artist including Afro Man making appearances along the way. The Cannabis Saves Lives tour is in their second year of entertainment and cannabis enlightenment; the following are upcoming tour dates.

May 5: Portland’s Global Marijuana March

May 19: Afroman with Tim-Me and Big Buzz  at the Chalet theater in Enumclaw Washington

June 2: Afroman with Tim-Me and Big Buzz in Roseburg Oregon presented by the 420 club LLC

June 29/30: Oly Underground in Olympia, Washington. It will be a 1900s speakeasy-style party while playing present-day music. Everybody is encouraged to dress up for the occasion. The 29th will be hip-hop, and the 30th will be rock ‘n’ roll. There will be comedy, music, and other surprise forms of entertainment.

September 7th: They will be performing at the first-ever Oklahoma Hempfest.

There are also future special events being created that will be announced in the future. The goal is to reach as many people as possible. Timothy speaks with religious organizations, law-enforcement, the youth, people dealing with drug addiction, people in gangs, and every walk of life that he comes across. The message is his story and his overcoming.

Tim-Me is also helping Paul Stanford on the Cannabis Common Sense Show as a guest coordinator.

The Cannabis Saves Lives Tour has been blessed to work with some wonderful groups of people, including weed news, Delta-9 House and studios, The Marijuana Agenda, Pyramid Art Collective, Mocha Motion, and Mary Jayne Parties. 

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While you’re there, be sure to check out Tim-Me’s social media as well.

The true Tim-Me on YouTube

Tim_me_253 on Instagram


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