The Cannabis Lawyer Activist Perspective: Sessions Rebukes Own Memo Admits He Gots Nothing

Jeff Sessions Caricature

Tom Howard, a financial attorney advising institutions on the federal marijuana laws from before adult use was a thing, is back to discuss the Session Memo – an abrupt departure from the Obama policy, which probably means zip-zero.

On March 10, 2018, Jeff Session basically admitted that his two-month-old memo meant nothing by admitting that the Department of Justice will not go after “routine cases” of marijuana trafficking and instead focus its limited budget on drug gangs and larger conspiracies.  That is good because it means that DOJ has an appropriation of funds for actually doing those things.

Check out the video blog on what all the Sessions Memo means to federal policy – especially about 5 minutes in where the real grit hits the fan. The real crux of the Sessions Memo is discussed there. Subscribe to the Cannabis Industry Lawyer on YouTube to get his weekly videos on issues the Industry faces.  Ask your question in the comments and if he answers your cannabis industry question, you’ll win his book on the legal history of cannabis in America.

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