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One of the most significant side effects of prohibition has been people in power who abuse their power in the name of knowing better for me when the people have spoken. What seems worse to me is that these people who influence things in my life think they’re doing their country a service which leads me to believe they never really have gone outside or interfaced with the issues they believe cannabis causes.

Why does the North Bonneville City Council and Mayor hate cannabis? What has it ever done to you? In fact, it has done for the greater good, I mean it has provided a steady income for some citizens, along with revenue generated for the city.

Mayor Sabo Facebook Post in Secret Group

Above is a screencapture of a Facebook post by the present Mayor in regards to making a statement on why this move is a good thing. The Mayor argues that the people voted for the Government to be out of marijuana in 2012, this is complete bullshit, or there would be no WSLCB. What the people voted for was the end to the stigma and prison for the people, but Mayor Sabo thinks differently.

Mayor Sabo cries that the business has only made a profit of 6k since its been in business, even if this is true the shop has done so much more. Its provided employment for the region with jobs that pay well and include full benefits including PERS retirement. Providing 6 to 10 jobs in a city of 1,000 people is quite a big deal.

He also argues that the novelty and five minutes of fame of the only Government own pot shop is over and I have to argue “You’re a fucking idiot on this one.” We are approaching the end (hopefully in my lifetime) to the misguided war on cannabis and what this municipality owned pot shop signifies is the end to the ignorance while providing for its community. This little pot shop is a guiding light for many and symbolizes the America that will make us great again.

I spoke with Don Stevens, the Mayor who started the store and he had this to say “The Reader’s Digest version is the store is the only municipally owned and operated cannabis store in the world, but the new City Council is not supportive and is working with them to relocate to Stevenson, about 7 miles east of North Bonneville. I feel a little like Obama watching Trump undo and break things that were done under his administration.”

Why do the present City Council and present Mayor fear the reefer? The drug war has failed as can be seen with the current opioid epidemic. The drug war has failed while injuring Americans. Mayor Sabo’s ignorant shitty statement perpetuates the American failure, and I thought we were about winning.

The issue still needs to be approved by The WSLCB and mayor of the town where it’s moving but its kind of a no-brainer if you like revenue. The Cannabis Corner was the first pot shop in this tourist location and guess what tourist like besides granola bars and beer, weed. If the Cannabis Corner relocates, I will be sure to drive through North Bonneville and spend my tourist dollars in Stevenson.

Below is an article from the local paper, they have no digital presence beside Facebook, it is a very small town.

Article in Skamania County Pioneer

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