The Cannabis Common Sense Tour: Coming To End Prohibition Near You

Cannabis Common Sense

The Cannabis Common Sense Tour is the brainchild of Justin James Bridges, Larry “LK” Kirk and Tim-Me in 2014, a tour with musicians and activist spreading cannabis common sense in order to end reefer madness. The Tour started off at Jazzbones in Tacoma, Wa., a room full of Washington State activist, good music, and good beer.

I first saw Justin James Bridges play at a cannabis market held in Washington years ago during then he was in a wheelchair. During the Occupy Movement Justin was a sign language interpreter and it was here that he was beaten by police and left unable to walk. Today he’s up and about suffering from leg atrophy, he chalks up his cure to massages and cannabis.

Tim-Me holds his own as a musician with his rhymes and beats, using cannabis to treat arthrogryposis. Technically he’s handicap and should have not lived as long as he has but when you watch him perform I think someone forgot to tell him that.

The theme throughout the night was that marijuana is medicine and that the word needs to get out there. Speakers ranged from Jedidiah Haney of Evergreen Industries SPC, Grandma Cat Jeter of Deep Green, and activist Amy Mellan sharing her story of how cannabis saved her life.

It was a nice night of familiar faces and meeting online friends in real life. Their next stop is Hempstalk in Portland, Oregon then across the nation with surprise guests scheduled for various stops. If you have a chance to check out this tour I highly (pun intended) recommend it.

25 percent of the proceeds on the first show went to pot prisoners, these guys are the real deal, so much in fact I was inspired to write the below is a mini poem. If you have a chance check them out and give them your support on their mission to end prohibition.


We are in an involuntary war,

The war on drugs.

If you smoke and enjoy it, you have chosen a side and should stay there, don’t be a Benedict Arnold

There are people out there willing to take your rights away,

Your children,

Your home,

Your job,

Your life.

I know because it already has been done.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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