The Best Detox Drinks For Urine Drug Test

Thinking about using a detox drink to pass a urine test? We’ve got the facts that you need to know before rushing out to use the first product you can find. Sadly, cannabis users are hit the hardest when it comes to urine testing since cannabis stays in the system for 30-60 days depending on use and not even having a medical card protects most people when it comes to urine testing.

How Do Detox Drinks Work?

Most people assume when you use a detox drink your just getting the same effect as drinking a lot of water. This is not true, detox drinks temporally flush out chemicals and the THC from your urine while simultaneously helping to restore your urine back to its normal color and chemical composition.

The Truth!

Since marijuana has increased in potency and we’re seeing higher concentrations of THC in concentrates and edibles as well as the THC levels in your body are most likely now too high for most drinks to work properly. Most brands have not kept with the science of what the average toxin level is in your body, forcing people to use synthetic urine or a whizzinator type product in place of detox drinks. Even if these detox drink products are successful in diluting THC levels by filling up a user with liquids, the resulting low-density urine could alert testing facilitators that something’s amiss.


Three Detox Drinks That Work

Don’t panic yet, we’ve found three brands of detox drinks that have kept up with the science and can work for high levels of THC all while leaving behind no traces or any signs that you were using these drinks.

  • Rapid Clear Double Detox – From the makers of Rapid Cleat Detox line comes their Double Detox Drink. This drink has been publicly trusted and tested by independent labs to ensure the users has the highest quality, safest and 100% undetectable detoxification products on the market today.
  • Quick Clear Detox Drink – From Spectrum Labs and the makers of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, comes one of the most powerful Detox Drinks on the market and designed for heavy smokers regardless of their weight. Spectrum Labs has created an amazing drink that includes a proprietary for all your detox needs.
  • High Times Dank Detox –The industry’s biggest brand High Times has released their own detox drink line. Dank Detox has been a huge hit as one of the newest detox drinks on the market. Designed for heavy users and works no matter your body weight to cleanse your urine of toxins.

The Bottom Line

Detox drinks are still a great option for those of you looking for a detox drink to pass a urine test, but make sure you select the correct ones. Any of the brands we mentioned above are well recommended for both heavy people or heavy toxin users so you can relax and know that your test is safe with any of these quality products.

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