The Benefits of Using Water Pipes And Bongs For Smoking Herbs

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Many pot smokers do not realize there are many benefits when it comes to using bongs/water pipes when smoking our precious herbs. If you have never seen one of these glorious tools before you can see an example of a bong here. The filtering effect that these water pipes have make them healthier and less harsh on the users throat. To help you understand this better, here’s a breakdown of the most important advantages that they can provide you with:

– Beginner friendly – For new smokers, a bong is one of the easiest methods to get started with. The bubbles produced by the pipe during inhalation also make the process much smoother on the throat when compared to smoking a joint or blunt. As it requires much shallower breaths, beginners will find that this method makes smoking much more enjoyable, too.

– Smoother smoke – For a lot of people, this is quite an important detail and also the reason why a lot of smokers switch to using a water pipe. It’s much less irritating on the throat and the water can kill off any bacteria that may linger in the smoke. The inhalation process is much cleaner and refreshing because of the cooling sensation provided by the water. In fact, it is well-known that water pipes and bongs can help reduce a smoker’s exposure to various smoking related conditions such as bronchitis.

– Ornamental Value – If you care to spend a little more on your pipe you can get some absolutely stunning pieces that will look very impressive when sat on your shelf, or better yet, a glass cabinet.

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Now, when using bongs for smoking, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The following are among the most important:

– The size – Some of these bongs are very large in size, if you wish to harvest the advantages of water filtration on your smoke with a much smaller, easier to manage tool then consider a glass bubbler pipe.

– A glass water pipe is better than a homemade plastic or aluminum one. This is because glass pipes can help reduce exposure to additional chemicals that may be found in plastic and aluminum. Not to mention how suspicious a home made bong could look if found by a family member!

– Make sure that you always clean your pipe after using it. This is basic maintenance. For hygiene and health purposes, make sure to avoid re-using dirty bong water. Failing to clean out a water pipe can actually cancel out its filtering effect, so clean it up after use.

– Do things in moderation. Whilst using a bong or a water pipe enables you to smoke more casually with reduced carcinogens for every inhalation, it does not completely eliminate its harmful effects. Of course, it doesn’t matter what you’re smoking—anything in excess can be unhealthy to the body so always practice moderation. Water pipes will drive smoke deeper and faster into the lungs so always keep that in mind.

– Will you just be smoking herbs or will you also do a dab or two? If you head over to a decent online shop you can find both cheap dab rigs and multi functioning bongs that include adapters allowing you to use one piece for both dabs and herbs.

So there you have it, a few of the advantages of using water pipes when smoking.

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