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One of my favorite 420 artists goes by Trog. He has worked with bands like Sly and the Family Stone (most sampled band in the world), Slightly Stoopid, Hed Pe, and events like Kush Kup, Seattle Hempfest, Hash Bash, The Green Gathering, and The Nimbin Mardigrass.

chop chop

Stickers like Chop, Chop have become stoner classic slaps for bongs and laptops. Besides his amazing slaps Trog has two books out, The Killer Weed Coloring Book and the coffee table collection Trog: The Cooked Book.

His work has been described as psychedelic, and I couldn’t agree more. Since I first met Trog online, he has traveled the world and even once denied access to America due to the culture he represents. I present to you, The Art of Trog.

WN: What is Trog?

Trog: Years ago I was going thru my underground stoner comix, I was like I’m gonna be a stoner comix artist (no one believed me, they were like yeah right, cool.) think like in 1996 maybe that was the year,  anyway I use to sign my artwork with my signature, it sucked.

I was sitting on a couch with a bowl, smoking weed, and needed a signature for my art and signed my work TROG. Its derived from my initials. I looked at it and was like yep TROG, looks cool, that’s it.

WN: Favorite strain?

Trog: ATF

WN: Favorite way to consume cannabis?

Trog: Joints or edibles.

WN: What would you consider a highlight for your career so far?

Trog: Probably doing posters for Tommy Chong. He used them as signing posters for events. He’s basically the king of the cannabis world, so that was definitely a highlight! Then there was the Snoop poster from the other Christmas, that was crazy to do a poster based on him for an event he was attending,  then recently I just had my first cannabis event poster released in another language for a show Canapa In Mostra in Italy, so that is like another language it’s crazy!

WN: What happened when you were denied entry into the States? Can you come back?

Trog: They locked me up, put me in a cell for like 20 hours, took my shoelaces and belt then escorted me with armed TSA officers back to the air marshal and sent me home back to Australia. It was heavy at the time because I was cleared out of Australia through customs but hadn’t been processed into the USA yet, so I was in a limbo area. It’s a sticky situation that I have got myself into.

Yes,  I’d say I will be allowed entry back into the USA at some point, this happened two years ago, so it’s getting to the point where I need to rectify it. The whole actual story about what happened hasn’t ever been discussed. I’ve never answered it in interviews, this would be the most I have really even said about it but its heavy, fucking funny too, not at the time, at the time I was like holy fuck what have I done, but when I think about it,  it’s funny.

WN: When I last chatted with you, you had a showing in Italy, where else do you have shows at?

Trog: We are still working on that, we are about to announce an art exhibition built into a large Italian cannabis event, it’s like a 30-meter wall of my posters for cannabis events from around the world. A few years ago this same vent did a similar thing with Gilbert Shelton of “The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers” comic, so that makes it even cooler for me!

We have lots of new stuff I’m working on,  in talks for some event posters for spots like Spain, Argentina, France, then regular gigs for Australia and USA, so it’s come along way

WN: Any new books in the works?

Trog: Yes I recently just finished my next coloring book   “The Killer Shatter coloring book” I was going to release it 7 / 10 / 18, but I missed that deadline, as didn’t get the manuscript to the printers. So will most likely drop it just before Christmas this year.

WN: Do you have a particular place you go to for inspiration?

Trog: I never had much when I started, just a pad and pens. I used to draw lots on the floor and stuff, these days when I bust a piece out laying on the floor or crashed out in my little studio, it feels right for me like I’m still doing it like from years ago. Its hard to explain but I feel the more deadline and work and expectations are put on you and all people saying shit, it all changes your art, you may not think it does, but it does. I feel good when I get just to shut everyone and everything out and just draw a piece of art for me!

WN: You’ve been a part of so many amazing cannabis events, do you have a favorite one?

Trog: I have two events I really look forward to drawing each year, Hashbash (Michigan) & Bong-A-Thon (Colorado).

Trog Bong

We would like to thank Trog for his time and recommend that if you have any extra funds to acquire something from the Picasso of Cannabis. As cannabis culture continues on people like Trog will go from street team to fine art for he represents a culture and time in our history. In my collection of stuff, I value Trog’s books and stickers as a prized collection. Check out Trog’s social media and links to the books and other merchandise.





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