Tell Your Senator That Veterans Deserve Equal Access To Medical Cannabis

veterans equal access amendment

I received the following activism alert today. Do your part:

Tomorrow, the Senate Appropriations Committee will meet to discuss funding, or appropriations, for Military Construction and Veterans Affairs (Milcon). In the past, this funding has been the vehicle to expand veterans’ access to cannabis.

Contact your Senator and tell them that veterans deserve equal access to medical cannabis!

The Veterans Equal Access amendment would lift the ban that currently prevents Veterans’ Administration (VA) doctors from discussing the benefits of medical cannabis therapy with their veteran patients. It would prevent the VA from punishing its doctors who write medical cannabis recommendations in accordance with state law. By prohibiting the punishment of VA doctors, the amendment would allow veterans living in medical cannabis states to obtain a medical cannabis recommendation from their doctor.

Unfortunately, this amendment was removed from last year’s budget at the last minute.

We can not let this happen again.

Veterans need equal access!

Tell Your Senator to Include the Veterans Equal Access Amendment in the Milcon Appropriations Bill!

Beth Collins
Senior Director of Government Relations and External Affairs

Johnny Green
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