Tell Sen. Feinstein To Start Standing Up For California’s Marijuana Laws

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I received the following action alert out of California today:

With Attorney General Jeff Sessions nixing the Justice Department’s protections for state-legal marijuana businesses, we need our members of Congress to take a stand now more than ever. As ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, California’s senior senator — Dianne Feinstein — has a tremendous amount of influence. But, sadly, she’s used that influence to trample on — not protect — California’s marijuana laws.

Please call Sen. Feinstein today to let her know California voters demand she stand up for their state’s legalization and medical marijuana laws, and those complying with them. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, consider contacting her there, too.

Since late 2014, Congress has included a provision in Justice Department budgets to prevent the feds from interfering with state medical marijuana laws, but the current provision expires on January 19. Meanwhile, a similar protection for legalization — the McClintock-Polis Amendment — hasn’t gotten a vote in years.

It’s been over two decades since California voters passed the nation’s first modern medical marijuana law. Sen. Feinstein has served in the Senate the entire time, but hasn’t stood up for patients or providers — even as they were arrested during past administrations. So, you may wonder, why would she change now?

Well, politicians and voters’ opinions are rapidly evolving on marijuana policy. And Sen. Feinstein is up for re-election this year, with a non-partisan primary that sends the top two candidates to the general election. It’s crucial that Sen. Feinstein hear a chorus of her constituents demanding their senator stand up for the will of voters.

After you’ve reached out to Sen. Feinstein, please share this message with everyone you know in California!


Karen O’Keefe
Director of State Policies
Marijuana Policy Project
West Hollywood, CA

P.S. Our other U.S. senator — Kamala Harris — criticized Sessions’ move on Twitter, but has not cosponsored any of the bills to protect state laws and those who comply with them.

Johnny Green
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