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Trump, Duterte, Congress, And The Philippine Drug War Killings

By David Borden Dear Reformer: Earlier this week, US President Donald Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte met for the first time, during the ASEAN Summit in Manila which Duterte hosted. As predicted, Trump did not raise human rights during their meeting, although a White House spokesperson claimed it came […]

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Medical Marijuana

ASA Files Trump Opioid Commission Freedom Of Information Act Requests

On November 9, Americans for Safe Access, filed two requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for information on any discussions the Commission had about medical cannabis and specifically the only cannabis study referenced in the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis draft final report . The Opioid Crisis […]

trump christie sessions opioids
Marijuana Legalization

Advocates Denounce White House Opioid Commission’s Recommendations

President Trump’s bipartisan opioid commission released its final report detailing more than fifty recommendations for addressing the opioid overdose crisis. In addition to several health-oriented recommendations, the commission proposed the launch of a federally-funded mass media campaign that Gov. Chris Christie, the chair of the commission, said in remarks today […]

trump christie sessions opioids
Marijuana Legalization

Will President Trump Escalate The War on Drugs?

On Thursday, President Trump is expected to declare a national emergency on the opioid overdose crisis. Trump indicated nearly three months ago in July that he planned to accept a recommendationto declare a national emergency that was made by his bipartisan opioid commission headed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The […]

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Trump BS Alert: The Border Wall Will Not Stop Drug Smuggling

By Phillip Smith President Trump sure loves his border wall. It was a staple of his campaign rhetoric, and despite Mexico’s firm insistence that there is no way it’s ever going to pay for it, Trump’s desire for it is unabated. Now, he’s threatening to shut down the government unless […]

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Sessions/Trump Make The DEA Look Reasonable By Comparison

By Phillip Smith The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has never been known as forward-thinking place when it comes to drug and crime policy, but these days, the hide-bound drug fighting agency is coming off as much more reasonable on drugs than its bosses, President Trump and Attorney General Sessions. And […]