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Marijuana Legalization

Seattle’s Cannabis Grand Cru

I started my blogging/ activism as a private citizen, never knowing the existence of a community or the million others trying to change the bad law. I started my activism alone but have made a million friends along the way and am no longer such the private citizen and that’s […]

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Marijuana Events

Let The Seattle 420 Games Commence!

Hear ye’, hear ye,’ The FourTwenty Games are about to come to Seattle again and possibly a city near you. The 420 Games is here to break the stigma that cannabis consumers are lazy couch potatoes, but it’s also a good time for the one that thinks about going to […]

seattle marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Business

Today In Seattle: NCIA Hosts Cannabis Caucus Event

The National Cannabis Industry Association is hosting a Quarterly Cannabis Caucus event tonight in Seattle. If you are in the area I strong suggest you attend if you are serious about the cannabis industry. There’s a lot going on right now at the local and federal level, and this is […]


Kaepernick Is Pretty Much Against The Drug War

Some news you can’t avoid and lately there’s one news story I can’t fucking avoid and that’s the annoying “Kaepernick Scandal”. Lately, all I see is a bunch of people who have never served screaming about the troops, that’s like a fat guy yelling at a treadmill. I wasn’t going to […]