seattle marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Legalization

Seattle: City Officials Back Plan To Vacate Past Cannabis Convictions

City officials have announced their intentions to vacate the criminal convictions of minor marijuana possession offenders. The city’s mayor and city attorney announced the plan last Thursday. Stated Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan: “[T]his action is a necessary first step in righting the wrongs of the past and putting our progressive values into action. […]

seattle marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Legalization

Seattle Will Move To Vacate Misdemeanor Marijuana Cases

Former U.S. Attorney and Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes announced that the City of Seattle will move to vacate misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions prosecuted by the City before marijuana was legalized in Washington. Passed in 2012, I-502 legalized the possession and recreational use of marijuana […]

seattle marijuana cannabis
Marijuana Legalization

Seattle’s Cannabis Grand Cru

I started my blogging/ activism as a private citizen, never knowing the existence of a community or the million others trying to change the bad law. I started my activism alone but have made a million friends along the way and am no longer such the private citizen and that’s […]

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Marijuana Events

Let The Seattle 420 Games Commence!

Hear ye’, hear ye,’ The FourTwenty Games are about to come to Seattle again and possibly a city near you. The 420 Games is here to break the stigma that cannabis consumers are lazy couch potatoes, but it’s also a good time for the one that thinks about going to […]

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Marijuana Business

Today In Seattle: NCIA Hosts Cannabis Caucus Event

The National Cannabis Industry Association is hosting a Quarterly Cannabis Caucus event tonight in Seattle. If you are in the area I strong suggest you attend if you are serious about the cannabis industry. There’s a lot going on right now at the local and federal level, and this is […]


Kaepernick Is Pretty Much Against The Drug War

Some news you can’t avoid and lately there’s one news story I can’t fucking avoid and that’s the annoying “Kaepernick Scandal”. Lately, all I see is a bunch of people who have never served screaming about the troops, that’s like a fat guy yelling at a treadmill. I wasn’t going to […]