Cannabis Activism

NORML Responds to Trump Administration’s Marijuana Policy

Donald Trump’s cannabis policy has been an enigma with many mixed messages as patients, advocates and industry participants have tried to determine how his administration would treat various state medical and recreational marijuana laws across the nation. While candidate Trump seemed to support medical marijuana and a states’ rights approach […]

Global Drug War

Bipartisan Senate Bill Introduced To Rein In U.S. Support Of Philippines’ Drug War

Senators Cardin and Rubio Spearhead Effort to Curtail Duterte’s Drug War Killings Legislation Released amid Outcry over Trump’s White House Invite to Filipino President On Thursday, Senators Cardin (D-MD), Rubio (R-FL), Schatz (D-HI). And Markey (D-MA) introduced the “Philippines Human Rights Accountability and Counternarcotics Act of 2017,” a bill that […]

Marijuana Legalization

Trevor Noah: President Trump Is Always High

In honor of 4/20, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show dedicated an entire segment to marijuana. I have always admired his fearless style and this is a perfect example. He touched on everything from North Korea, Jeff Sessions and even the munchies. It’s not a jokes either as he took […]

Marijuana Legalization

Legal Marijuana: The Sky Is (Probably) Not Falling

By Phillip Smith Barrels of ink have been spilled over the prospect that the Trump administration could attempt to turn back the clock when it comes to legal marijuana, but for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth out there, marijuana industry insiders, advocates, and activists don’t seem all that […]

Cannabis Culture

Gonna Need Marijuana if Trumpcare Passes

TrumpCare, a bill that would cost over 20 million people their health coverage is up for a vote. Hopefully, Donald Trump’s healthcare bill fails and never sees the light of day. If we pass TrumpCare then we will eventually be referring to it as TrumpedCare, as we are all being […]

Jeff Sessions Caricature
Cannabis Activism

NORML Responds to Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is back in the news with comments on marijuana today. On the plus side, as Tom Angell states over at Mass Roots and Russ Belville here at Weed News, the AG agreed that former President Barack Obama’s Cole Memo is “valid” to determine appropriate federal enforcement of cannabis […]

Jesse Ventura
Cannabis Activism

Jesse Ventura Tells Donald Trump to Leave Marijuana Laws Alone

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, no stranger to shocking the political establishment, has set his sights on cannabis legalization, recently penning the book, Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto. The former Navy Seal lays out a call to arms for legalizing cannabis and ending the greater Drug War in his latest book, asking […]