SurveyUSA Poll Shows California Proposition 64 Winning With 52%


Cannabis legalization continues to be favored by a majority of voters across the nation and a SurveyUSA poll recently released shows that 52% of California voters support Proposition 64, with 40% opposed and 8% undecided. While the SurveyUSA poll pins support for the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) lower than other polls, I believe that this poll is actually good news for cannabis legalization supporters in the Golden State.

A lot of polling on cannabis measures has tended to underestimate support for legalization and we have certainly experienced that in Oregon. During the 2012 election to legalize through Measure 80, SurveyUSA tabbed the support for M80 at 37%; the effort went on to get 47% of the vote. In 2014, SurveyUSA polled the Measure 91 legalization effort five times, showing support between 44% to 52%; M91 went on to win with just over 56% of the vote. Several polls in Colorado and Washington in 2012 also underestimated the support that legalization measures ultimately received.

Laughably, Kevin Sabet, the so-called quarterback of the prohibitionist movement, called the SurveyUSA poll a “SHOCK POLL” yesterday on Twitter, exclaiming that the Prop 64 campaign is, “Far from over!” Marijuana Majority’s Tom Angell responded with a tweet reminding Sabet that prohibitionists are still losing in the SurveyUSA poll. I don’t agree with Kevin Sabet virtually ever on cannabis policy, but I will agree that the election is not a done deal and urge those that want to put an end to the failed and racist war on cannabis to avoid a sense of complacency.

Demonstrating that he is isn’t very good at political prognostication, Mr. Sabet thought that Oregon wasn’t going to legalize cannabis in 2014. During the 2014 campaign season, we actually enjoyed Sabet motivating our supporters with his Reefer Madness “road show” and prediction that prohibition would win at the ballot box. Sabet thought that Measure 91 would come down to the wire and that the rather resounding victory was narrow. The Vote Yes on 91 campaign also didn’t mind seeing some polls that showed the election in doubt, as we used those polls to rally our supporters to remain vigilant.

I urge those that want to see cannabis legalization succeed in California to treat each day like the Yes on 64 campaign is behind and you need to help convince some voters to put an end to prohibition in the Golden State.  No matter what prohibitionists like Kevin Sabet say after the November 8th election, legalization in California will show that cannabis prohibition is losing in the battlefield of ideas, not just across the United States, but ultimately around the globe.

Anthony Johnson
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Anthony Johnson, a longtime cannabis law reform advocate, is the director of New Approach Oregon, working to effectively implement the cannabis legalization system while protecting small business owners and the rights of patients. He sits on the Oregon Marijuana Rules Advisory Committee and fights for sensible rules at the legislature, before regulatory bodies,and at city councils and county commissions across the state.He was proud to work as Chief Petitioner and co-author of Measure 91, Oregon's cannabis legalization effort and director of the Vote Yes on 91 PAC, the political action committees responsible for the state's legalization campaign. He also advises cannabis entrepreneurs on how to comply with Oregon's laws and helps organize the International Cannabis Business Conference and the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference. Anthony's blogs on are personal in nature and don't speak for or reflect the opinions of any group or organization. You can see his work here at Weed News as well as