Support This University Of Rhode Island Cannabis Research Project


I received the following message today out of Rhode Island:

Students at the University of Rhode Island, led by a former Providence Journal editor, are investigating the enforcement of Rhode Island’s marijuana decriminalization law. The project is examining how many marijuana citations are being issued and where they are being issued.

The findings of the research may help convince legislators to adopt a legalization policy in 2018. If, as many suspect, there is significant variability in marijuana enforcement, then we have yet another reason to end the failed policy of prohibition. The likelihood of a Rhode Islander being cited for marijuana possession should not be dependent on where that Rhode Islander lives.

The URI research project requires submitting public records requests to police departments across the state — and that takes money. I just made a personal pledge to the Kickstarter campaign, and I hope you will do the same. Even a $10 or $20 donation can make a difference. Let’s provide this URI team with the resources they need to uncover the truth.


Thank you,

Matt Schweich
Regulate Rhode Island

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