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I would like to start a weekly section here known as “Submit Your Lit.” Send me your amazing art, no matter the media. Submit your lit to with “My Lit” in the subject line, along with a bio and I will either write an article from there or get back at you with questions.

Most artists are 420 friendly, and some even try to make a difference like the fantastic Georgia Toons based in Canada or like my friend here Joshua Boulet. I am perhaps a little bias, full disclaimer he did my favorite picture of me, I call it “Good Guy Miggy” but if you go through his catalog or even meet him at a Festival while he’s selling his wares, you’ll know right away, this guy is an amazing artist.

Good Guy Miggy


Joshua travels the world as an artist, and I sent him a couple questions via email;

WN: Where are you now?

JB: I crash-landed on Planet Earth 30 some odd years ago, and have been stuck here, mending my wounds ever since, but it could be worse. I could have crash landed on Glorblakk Sixx.

WN: What’s the Joshua Boulet tour for 2018 look seemed?

JB: Right now. It looks like focusing more on the Green Reefer cartoon, and lots of drawing. I’ve always wanted the Green Reefer to be on TV. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully more traveling, but really just staying this side above ground will be fine.

WN: You did mad traveling this year, what made you go on a world tour and what was your favorite location?

JB:I had gotten a couple sweet gigs, saved a little cash, and set sail. I had always wanted to do it, and that whole not getting any younger thing. I was like fuck it. Did a lot of Europe by myself and drew. I loved it.

WN: Who inspired you to become an artist?

JB: Watching cartoons. Reading comic books, in college taking an arts history class.

WN: Marvel or DC?

JB: Neither. It’s called Bande Dessinee. The French Belgium word for comics and they treat it as a high art form.

WN: Indica or Sativa?

JB: Both. at the same time. But usually Sativa. I like to get high and draw. So a creative head high is always a good thing. The indica seem to come with MAd crazy munchies that I can’t control

Weed Pokemon

WN: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars?

JB: I grew up star wars. Loved it. Some of my first drawings were x-wing fighters battles tie fighters. It seemed that for awhile you were a nerd if you were down with the Star Wars and I got used to that.  Then there was this major shift where Star Wars was in the mainstream, and hot chicks were quoting Yoda. I guess I pride myself on being different so when Star Wars went mainstream, I fell off.

WN: Best weed smoked?

JB: Had to be when I was younger. When I just started smoking. My friend and I snuck outside his partents house. Got blazed, and then trying to be quiet inside could not stop laughing. I have never laughed like that off weed since.

WN: Favorite smoke spot?

JB: Anywhere I can blaze without worry of someone calling the cops.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and we wish you the best in your future endeavors. If you enjoy cannabis, comic books, and all things geek, then I highly recommend checking out Joshua Boulet.

Gotta Smoke Them All
Gotta Smoke Them All
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