Submit Your Lit: Meet Michael Pelletier, Artist and Pot P.O.W

prison leaf

For this segment of Submit Your Lit the not so weekly article for 420 artists, I present to you Michael Pelletier, artist and Pot P.O.W serving a life sentence for something people are making a living at in multiple states.


Michael is a perfect case of prohibition gone wrong. The victim of a system that chooses to incarcerate a paraplegic who is no threat to his or any community.

Freedom Grow

To show his sense of humour and artistic talent, here’s a piece Michael did for Freedom Grow, a wonderful group of activist fighting prohibition by helping its victims behind bars.

Michael has some amazing prints available via his website or you can contact personally by writing to him in prison, these two things are things one can do to help Michael while he’s serving a life sentence for pot.

To learn more about Michael, check out the following links;

Michael Pelletier is Serving Life for Pot

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