Smoke Out At A Smoke In

Seattle Hempfest
Seattle HempFest in August 2006, a 1960s-style love-in for all things hemp and marijuana at a waterfront park near downtown. Lots of people, pipes and bongs, hemp-seed brownies, hemp clothing, music and the politics of marijuana legalization -- mixed with sun and the occasional whiff of cannabis, despite the heavy police presence.

Its festival season again here in Washington State and that means it’s time for one of the oldest pot protest, Seattle HempfestNow in its 27th year of nonviolent protest by lighting one up, it should be on your activist bucket list. Having checked this one through volunteering my next pipe dream is Hash Bash followed by The Boston Freedom Rally.

Smoke ins have been a long form of peaceful protests, and you know what, no one has died nor are rash amounts of violent crimes committed after these events, making the safest out there, illegal.

Besides the events mentioned earlier, there’s also the annual 4th of July Smoke in at the Whitehouse that has been going on since the early 1970’s. Along with the yearly events groups like NORML also have been known to promote synchronized smoking with events like the one in 1992.

These events have helped change the social conversation and will continue to do so, as each one occurs and the planes don’t fall out of the sky each year. If you can, I can encourage you to volunteer at these or any other cannabis event. These events rely heavily on volunteers and need you.

Wherever you do it, we salute you dear consumers of cannabis, you purveyors of truth. Through flower, through vaping, through tinctures, through balms and oil, the truth is out there, cannabis is good for some bodies which is good for everybody.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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