Should Marijuana Supporters Donate To Jill Stein’s Recount Effort?

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Marijuana supporters have been sad and/or frustrated ever since Donald Trump announced he would be appointing long-time marijuana opponent Jeff Sessions to the position of United States Attorney General. Jeff Sessions has stated as recently as this year that ‘good people don’t smoke pot.’ Jeff Sessions has made many, many more disparaging comments about marijuana, among offense comments about many other things. There are petitions out there calling for the appointment to be denied, but is that the best chance that marijuana supporters have of trying blocking the appointment?

An interesting turn of events occurred this week, as Jill Stein has started a fund to try to recount votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. All three states are key swing states, and if those states moved from the Trump side of the equation to the Hillary Clinton side, the entire outcome of the Presidential race would be reversed. Computer scientists and election attorneys feel that they have identified some anomalies in the vote totals from the three previously mentioned states, specifically votes that were collected via electronic voting machines. They claim that the machines were potentially compromised, and that Donald Trump’s vote totals via those machines were inflated. Per BBC:

On Tuesday, New York magazine first reported that a group of experts, led by voting-rights lawyer John Bonifaz and J Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, had contacted Mrs Clinton’s campaign.

The experts urged her campaign to request recounts in two states narrowly won by Mr Trump – Wisconsin and Pennsylvania – as well as Michigan, where he has a small lead.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has stated thus far that they don’t have any interest in pursuing the vote recounts. However, Jill Stein has not only stated that she will pursue a recount, but has started a crowdfunding effort to pay for all three state recounts. The recount efforts are expected to cost upwards of 6-7 million dollars, which is not exactly a small chunk of change. When I first heard of the amount needed, I’ll be honest, I was a bit skeptical of what the likelihood of the goal being obtained would be. However, I kept watching the total since I first learned of the effort on Wednesday, and it kept climbing. As of this blog post, the effort has raised $4,780,110.28 of the 7 million dollar goal. That’s enough to already pay for Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Only time will tell if the Michigan portion of the crowdfunding effort is successful.

Will the vote recounts occur without issues? Will the vote recounts find anything significant? Even if they do turn up something significant, will it be enough to bring about any changes? These are all questions that will only be answered through time. I find it interesting from a purely marijuana supporter standpoint in that not only would a change in the election result get rid of the Jeff Sessions appointment, it would get rid of the entire cast that is being built right now for the incoming administration, which includes many marijuana opponents. I’m not necessarily urging readers to donate to the recount fund, but I do feel it’s worth pointing out that if you’re trying to block Jeff Sessions’ appointment, as you should be, this might be opportunity knocking. You can make a donation for as low as $5 with the options provided. There’s also an ‘other’ option in which you can enter in whatever amount you deem is appropriate. You can find out more information at this link here.

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