Sheldon Adelson Donates 1 Million To Fight Legalization In Massachusetts

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Sheldon Adelson has to be the biggest reefer madness supporter in America right now, even more so than Kevin Sabet. Well, maybe they are tied. Either way, if it weren’t for Sheldon Adelson and his network of marijuana hating friends, opposition to marijuana legalization efforts would be hurting right now even more than they already are. Truth, logic, and compassion are not on the side of opponents.

What opponents do have is money, and quite a bit of it. That’s in large part due to Sheldon Adelson himself, who is donating big numbers to anti-legalization efforts. The latest example of that is in Massachusetts where Adelson recently donated one million dollars to oppose the marijuana legalization initiative that will be on the ballot next month in Massachusetts. Per the Boston Globe:

Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson is joining the fight against a ballot question to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Massachusetts, donating $1 million to an opposition group, officials from the group said Friday.

The sizable contribution from Adelson, a Dorchester native, will appear in public filings next week, according to the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts.

“We are grateful for the support of Mr. Adelson, a Massachusetts native, who with his wife Dr. Miriam has been a long-time antiaddiction advocate,” said Jim Conroy, a spokesman for Safe and Healthy Massachusetts, in a statement. “His generosity will prove critical in preventing a billion-dollar marijuana industry from establishing a foothold in our communities.”

Sheldon Adelson is only an ‘anti-addiction advocate’ in the sense that he makes money off of the rehab industry. Marijuana’s addictive properties are debatable, but gambling addiction is a very serious problem in America. That’s a claim that is backed up by a lot of data and facts. So why don’t we see ‘anti-addiction advocate’ Sheldon Adelson opposing the gambling industry? Oh that’s right, because he makes money off of that too. Sheldon Adelson’s motives are not noble – they are based upon greedy intentions, plain and simple.

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