See The Sold Out Exhibit Floor At The Cannabis Business Summit


One of my favorite parts about a cannabis event is walking the expo floor where all the exhibitors are showing off their stuff. Some people just do a casual ‘pop in’ because they are busy doing various things at the event, but I always make sure to take the time to walk past each and every booth. At some events that takes about 5 minutes due to not that many people being present and/or the companies that are present are not that interesting, at least not to me.

I always say that the true sign of a solid cannabis industry event is a stellar lineup of exhibitors, and a lot of them at that. That’s one of many reasons why I know that the upcoming Cannabis Business Summit in Oakland June 12-14 is going to be amazing. The event is hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association. We aren’t even in June yet, and the exhibit floor already sold out from what I have seen on social media. The list of exhibitors is like the who’s who of the cannabis industry, with virtually every cutting edge company in the cannabis space being listed on the exhibitors page of the event.

Whether you are into cultivation, retail, processing, or some type of ancillary area of the cannabis industry, there will be products and services on display at the Summit’s exhibitor floor that will no doubt blow your mind. I often get asked what I think the future of the cannabis industry will look like, and what types of revolutionary ideas are coming down the pipeline. Nine times out of ten the ideas that I share are based on things that I have seen on an exhibitor floor at an event. What is on display at the Cannabis Business Summit next month is going to be what is driving the cannabis industry in the next few years. It’s like getting a glimpse into the future.

If you are in the cannabis industry already, seeing a new product or service before the competition could likely mean the difference between crushing it and floundering. There’s no better place to get the hot scoop than at the Cannabis Business Summit, both via the exhibitor floor and via the stellar program that the event organizers have put together. If you are looking to jump into the cannabis industry, but you are still in the due diligence phase of your project, know that you will be cutting out so much needless effort in your research by attending an event that has compiled the best of the best in one location.

The exhibit floor for the event is sold out, and the tickets to the event are soon to follow. A limited amount are still on sale. If you are able to make it to Oakland June 12-14 and want to learn from, and network with, the top cannabis leaders in the world today, get your tickets ASAP before they are gone. This event is very likely to reach capacity, and quickly, so don’t procrastinate!

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