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I am an enormous fan of math. I actually took several math courses to fulfill my elective requirements in college, in addition to the required math courses. Feel free to make fun of me for that!

The statistics course that I took was particularly interesting to me and has benefitted me greatly in my post-graduation pursuits. I like statistics because they cannot be manipulated. The narrative around statistics can manipulate the context in which statistics are viewed, but the numbers themselves do not lie. Statistics provide unaltered insight into particular topics, and the cannabis industry is no exception.

Cannabis is my favorite topic, obviously, and so when cannabis industry statistics are released I always scour over them to see what can be learned. A company that is an undeniable industry leader when it comes to cannabis industry statistics is New Frontier Data.

New Frontier Data’s mission is to ‘elevate the discussion around the legal cannabis industry globally by providing unbiased vetted information and educating stakeholders to make informed decisions.’ Cannabis market research is something that every entrepreneur needs to be familiar with and stay up-to-date on. More research companies are popping up all the time, but their reports are not nearly as comprehensive and insightful as New Frontier Data’s reports.

If you have read an article or watched cannabis industry coverage on TV and it involved industry statistics, there’s a good chance that the data came from New Frontier Data. In a cannabis industry that often involves a lot of subjective hype and spin, New Frontier Data is a much-needed breath of objective fresh air.

For those trying to evaluate whether or not to pursue a career in the cannabis space or start a business, becoming familiar with New Frontier Data’s reports is a must. If you are already in the cannabis industry and you want to learn more about how a data study can help your pursuits, I strongly recommend that you contact New Frontier Data.

You can check out New Frontier Data at the upcoming Seed to Sale Show hosted by the National Cannabis Industry Association. New Frontier Data will be one of many world-class exhibitors at the event. I encourage you to check out their booth, as well as all of the other booths at the event if you are able to attend. It’s one of the best ways to make industry connections as well as see what innovations are on display.

As I have stated before, the Seed to Sale Show is where you will get a glimpse into the cannabis industry’s future. What will be on display at the Seed to Sale Show this year will be the groundbreaking ideas that influence and shape the cannabis industry in the future. Make sure to get your tickets to as soon as possible before they are sold out!

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