See Mowgli Holmes, PhD Speak At The NCIA Seed-To-Sale Show


When it comes to cannabis research, I don’t know that there’s anyone doing anything as interesting as Phylos Bioscience in Oregon. To be fair, I am a proud fourth generation Oregonian, so I am definitely a little biased. However, Phylos Bioscience is doing something that is revolutionary – they are mapping the cannabis genome. They are literally unlocking and documenting the secrets of the cannabis plant. As far as I know there are only a couple of others out there conducting similar research, but none are as far along as Phylos Bioscience from my understanding.

Phylos Bioscience has already collected over 2,000 specimens and entered over 1,500 of them into an organizing software, which is managed by the Open Cannabis Project. It’s a strain library like no other. A lot of people will look at online directories that have a lot of anecdotal information about strains or personal experiences with some nice photos. I’m not trying to knock those types of databases, but they are nothing compared to what is being built by Phylos Bioscience in conjunction with the Open Cannabis Project.

One of the founders of Phylos Bioscience is Mowgli Holmes, PhD. Mowgli is the Chief Science Officer of the company, and is probably one of the smartest people in the cannabis world right now. While most people in the cannabis industry are debating whether or not their flower is indica or sativa, Mowgli is contributing to knowledge in a way that is going to benefit society for generations. He has made it possible to know exactly what strain a specimen is. Jorge Cervantes, legendary cultivation expert, has told me many times how unbelievable Howgli and his team’s work is, and that’s as big of an endorsement in the cannabis world as I can think of.

Mowgli Holmes PhD is going to be presenting at the upcoming Seed-To-Sale Show hosted by National Cannabis Industry Association (2016 Cannabis Event of the Year winner) in Denver next week. If you are a cannabis science nerd, which most consumers are, you will not find someone that is more qualified to speak about cannabis science. Just look at his background. Per the event’s website:

Mowgli Holmes is a molecular and evolutionary biologist. He has a PhD from Columbia University, where he was a National Research Service Award Fellow. He is a founding board member of the Cannabis Safety Institute and the Open Cannabis Project, and is Chair of the Oregon State Cannabis Research Task Force.

That’s an impressive resume. If you want to hear from one of, if not the most brilliant scientist in the entire cannabis world, I suggest you grab tickets to the event. The See-To-Sale Show is where the emerging cannabis industry’s innovations are going to be on display. It is the largest business-to-business show ever to be held in Denver (January 31st-February 1st) with over 2,000 of the nation’s leading cultivators, dispensary operators, extraction artists, ancillary product providers and infused product manufacturers expected to attend.

Mowgli Holmes, PhD will be giving the opening keynote, ‘How Genomics and Chemistry Can Bring Trust to the Cannabis Supply Chain.’ This is a guy who you can send a sample of your cannabis to, and he can tell you what it really is. Not just what its potency is, but where its genetics originated from. It wasn’t that long ago that the mere thought of such a thing seemed like something out of the Jetsons.

Mowgli has future plans to help strain breeders create strains that are cutting edge and provide specific relief and wellness benefits for specific conditions. Hearing him talk will literally be like getting a glimpse into the future of cannabis. The event is going to have a ton of other highly credible, extremely qualified speakers that are on the cutting edge of the most exciting industry on the planet. You should be there too.

About Phylos Bioscience, via their website:

Phylos Bioscience is an agricultural genomics company based in Portland, Oregon. We’re using modern molecular genetics and computational biology to help us understand the most important and least-studied plant in the world: Cannabis. We’re turning that science into tools that will help this new industry grow safely and sustainably. Our customers are small breeders and growers, and we’re doing everything we can to shape a future cannabis industry that has a place for them in it.

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