See Jesce Horton Speak At MJBizConNEXT In New Orleans On May 9

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I first met Jesce Horton in 2016 at a fundraiser in Portland, Oregon for United States Representative Earl Blumenauer. Jesce and I were seated at the same table at the fundraiser, and I was extremely impressed with him right away. There’s something about how he carries himself that screams ‘leader.’ Even prior to meeting him in person, friends had told me about Jesce and how bright his future was in the cannabis world.

From that day forward I have always been a big fan of Jesce and followed his pursuits, which are many. It seems like almost every time I turn around I see Jesce in the media promoting social justice reform and increasing diversity in the emerging cannabis industry. Horton’s line, we need to ‘create a better industry, not just another industry’ is one that I have quoted probably more than any other line I have heard from anyone else in the cannabis world. It’s an absolutely stellar line.

Jesce Horton cofounded Panacea Valley Gardens, Panacea Dispensary, and the Minority Cannabis Business Association. He is a true expert at cannabis cultivation (Dope Cup Award winner for cultivation) and is frequently called upon by elected officials for insight and guidance on all things cannabis. I personally witnessed him testify in support of a social consumption bill at the Oregon Legislature, and not only did multiple legislators thank him for all of his hard work in recent years, but he also crushed his testimony.

Horton has firsthand experience operating in a legal cannabis state and has personally navigated the evolution in Oregon from a system built on a medical cannabis model to one that is largely built on an adult-use model. His company Saints Cannabis is building a production facility called Saints Cloud that when done will be a vertically integrated cannabis facility with hospitality space.

Jesce Horton was recently elected Chairman of the Resource Innovation Institute, the leading non-profit for energy and water efficiency in cannabis cultivation. He wrote the language for, and successfully lobbied for passage of, the Portland Cannabis Tax for minority communities. He was also the recipient of an Oregon Governor appointment to a task force dedicated to environmental best practices in Oregon’s cannabis industry.

There are few people that are as respected in the cannabis industry and reform movement as Jesce Horton. He has so much passion for the plant and for making the world a better place that it’s extremely inspiring. If you want to learn from Jesce, which you obviously should, you can see him present at the upcoming MJBizConNEXT in New Orleans next month. He is going to be presenting on the topic ‘cementing your place in the industry.’

According to the event’s webpage dedicated to the presentation, some of the points that Jesce will cover include (but are not limited to):

  • How to find your passion and align it with the needs of this expanding market
  • The importance of truly focusing on your customers
  • What resource efficiency can do for business survival in the marketplace
  • Using your platform to better your business and the industry as a whole


The cannabis industry is not a walk in the park. Not even close. Only the strong will survive. As Jesce told me, this industry will slap you in the face, you must stay firm and keep going. Those that dig deep, work hard, and put their talent to the test are going to be the ones that become titans of the cannabis industry. Jesce Horton is going to be one of those people, and if you learn from what he has to say, you will increase your chances of being a titan too. You can find out more about MJBizConNEXT from their website, including who else will be presenting and attending. If you run into Jesce there, make sure to give him a high five for me and thank him for all of his hard work!!

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