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I started my blogging/ activism as a private citizen, never knowing the existence of a community or the million others trying to change the bad law. I started my activism alone but have made a million friends along the way and am no longer such the private citizen and that’s part of my activism, to show that cannabis consumers are just everyday people.

I first attended cannabis events as a volunteer; something is satisfying when helping out a marijuana-themed event, it’s that hidden activism that helps but no one knows who you are. I went from volunteering for the event to volunteering for organizations; my first was The Human Solution International. Later I would show up by myself with packets of clemency letters to get signed and sent to The White House. Now I attend as the media, but it’s more of a family reunion for me, a place where I can put faces but not names because marijuana legalization and Facebook have brought us together.

The Seattle Grand Cannabis Cru was everything it promised to be and more. A gathering of cannabis aficionados and people looking to network amongst established members in an industry where people remember asking “Are you a cop?”.

The event occurred on 5/20 in the Fremont Foundry, where it took over the bottom floor and roof. Throughout the day there were forums and off-site consumption. Ideally, as someone reporting an event, I would make every forum, but it’s hard for me to do that when it’s more like a family gathering for me.

The Seattle Cannabus

I was able to attend three forums, in between hugs (I’m a hugger) and consuming cannabis. The offsite location was a local party bus known as The Real Cannabus. I use to have issues with the name (I know Stacey Theis who owns the activist bus called The Cannabus), but these folks proved to be great people. The bus itself is a pretty impressive, with its comfortable seating and room for dab rigs. The comfortable seating is important because that’s where I lost my phone.

As one does when they sit down on a cushy couch, they take their phone out and slide it in between the couch seams for protection. After the third or fourth dab, I felt it was time to go adult inside, I was halfway to the forums when I realized I left my phone in the couch. I ran back to the sofa, only to not see my phone, it got pushed down. So I slid my fingers into the side to grab it and like in a bad comedy, my fingertips felt the phone slowly slip deeper into the abyss.

The crew of the bus were helpful at trying to retrieve it right then, but there was just no way without ripping apart the seat. Since I couldn’t call them I told them I would contact them via Facebook to make arrangements. The following Monday I did just that, they messaged back that they couldn’t find it but would keep looking. The next morning I get a message “We found it!”.

Even though I had a great time, the real MVPs were the ones that found and returned my phone or I wouldn’t be able to share the picture of the awesome layout by The Dab Doctor.

The Dab Doctor

As marijuana continues to take over, main street people are finding niches. The Dab Doctor is the event caterer of the future. Not everyone who dabs owns a rig, and not everyone who consumes cannabis has dabbed, so an event planner who provides the tools is a pretty impressive thing. Along with the rigs, concentrates and alcohol wipes for sanitation are arranged by the event planner. The Dab Doctor provides a much-needed service for cannabis related events to weddings.

Evergreen Extracts

Next, I would like to highlight Evergreen Extracts, the company that provided the concentrate for this venue. I met the owner a long time ago when they were a medical store on the Olympic Peninsula. What drew my attention to their medical dispensary at the time was they were a medical marijuana shop in a strip mall next to a Safeway. Not only that but when you walked into the store, there was only a plexiglass wall separating you from a CO2 extraction machine. One could watch the extraction process as they purchased flower or concentrates, the store was beautiful and clean.

Since the death of medical in Washington State, Evergreen Extracts became a strictly I502 processor and what they brought to the party represented craftsmanship and expertise.

Rubbing Elbows

These events are like reunions for me, place where I can hang with friends like Farmer Tom or hear stories from canna heroes like Joy Beckerman and Melissa Hysom. Hearing freedom fighter stories and thoughts on the new laws, but these events are also good to discover new faces and people joining the cannabis industry as well.

It was during my 3rd or 4th dab session that I met a group of guys that represented a brand known as Lyfe. The guys brought a beautiful tasting concentrate known as FaceOff. I believe their brand is based in Oregon, even though the crew is from New York. So if you see concentrates called Lyfe, I highly recommend it.


I was able to attend three forums; the first was the Hemp Forum. Hemp, as we all know, is not marijuana and even activist need to be reminded of this but laws for Hemp is a path to legalization as well. Unfortunately for hemp, it looks like it’s first cousin who can do everything it does as well. The most important thing to note about hemp is that it could slow down the consumer impact on the environment. Hemp stalk, hemp fibers, and hemp oils are all things that can replace items that are toxic to the earth while being biodegradable. Between sustainable farming and hemp, the farmer can save the world.

The next was a growing forum. What’s the one thing all growers can agree on? That they grow the best shit. I listen to these discussions lightly because I do not grow personally and don’t understand the impact of half the stuff being said, all I know is that these guys and gals know what they’re talking about “the proof is in the bud.”

After the growing forum, there was the edible demo/ discussion. Food and marijuana can be integrated into so many ways (I’ve learned this from Bong Appetit) and its always good to learn different techniques, eventually, you’ll find the right one for you.

Highly Recommended

The Cannabis Cru was created so that aficionados and professionals could gather under the same roof. A social mixer and educational event where everyone walks away with something, an overall good time. Due to personal obligations and losing my cell phone, I left early but wish I could have stayed. The people behind the event clearly know about cannabis, so if you see a Cannabis Grand Cru event in your area, I highly recommend it.

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