Seattle Hempfest: Supported By Weed The People

The gloom and doom weather has taken over again in the Pacific Northwest making it an excellent time to reflect on my last two days of Seattle Hempfest with my photographer friend Keoke Silvano, media passes, and a bunch of swag from our friend Brian from Legit  Canna Farms.

I can never express enough the importance of Seattle Hempfest as an event that proves what is wrong with prohibition. What started as a small group of hippie friends has grown to take over a 1.5 mile stretch of public property, I previously wrote about my first day where I clocked approximately 4.5 miles, let me tell you about the next 13 miles.

Seattle Hempfest is a glimpse into what a world without the War on drugs could be. A place where the police can fight real crime making a real difference like when they caught the sex offender fugitive in 2010. It’s the one place where the paramedics and volunteer staff are busier than the police, treating things like dehydration.

People Watching

Not everyone cool smokes, but it would be cool if you did. The attendees range from the devoted to the curious, from young to old, black, white, and all the shades in between; Hempfest represents America.

A place where safety is in numbers, a safe place for people to smoke in protest and just be, on a sunny day with music and festivities surrounding. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I hope that this article will speak novels.


This year Seattle Hempfest was one stage short due to decreased donations the prior year, the most significant contribution was missing from Paul Stanford due to Paul’s dilemma.

Each stage provides a forum for speakers and musicians, a place to be heard. Activists from around the world come here to be heard; found on stage giving a speech or on a panel in a Hemposium forum. Hempfest is as educational as it is entertaining drawing in quality pro-marijuana musicians from around the country.


Support Seattle Hempfest

The party is as much behind the curtain and as it is in front. Volunteers are well taken care of throughout the day and are trained for positions that require it. One doesn’t t have to show up for one of the three days to support Hempfest; there are many other ways you can help. You can aide Seattle Hempfest year-round by purchasing from their online store or pay a visit to Hempfest Central. There also the seasonal events year-round where you pay to be a VIP member for a day, all proceeds go to furthering the cause.

Besides shopping, there’s donating, donating time or money. At its core, Seattle Hempfest is an all-volunteer organization, and they could use you to help fight prohibition. Volunteer your time at the store, your professional skill to the Hempfest effort, at any of the events, or if you’re in another State, you can donate money.

One day it will be a 3-mile victory lap, but until then it’s a sore sticking point against reefer madness.

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