Seattle Hempfest Needs You

Seattle Hempfest
Seattle HempFest in August 2006, a 1960s-style love-in for all things hemp and marijuana at a waterfront park near downtown. Lots of people, pipes and bongs, hemp-seed brownies, hemp clothing, music and the politics of marijuana legalization -- mixed with sun and the occasional whiff of cannabis, despite the heavy police presence.

Not just want, but Seattle Hempfest needs you. You would think being one of the longest-running protestivals in the nation would be an advantage in a “legal” state, but it’s not when you’re an all-volunteer free event open to the public.

I recently ran into the founder of Hempfest Vivian McPeak at one of the many potlucks held by Seattle Hempfest for volunteers, and he assures me they still need you. As long as of the drug war grow old behind bars and politicians continue to “know” what’s best for us, Seattle Hempfest still needs you.

Going into its 27th year, this small protest of friends has turned from social experiment to an event that has proven marijuana festivals are safer than any fests that include booze.

What’s awesome about Seattle Hempfest?

A mile and a half stretch of vendors, music, and people finding their favorite smoke spot. Seattle Hempfest has proven that police and cannabis consumers can get along when there is real crime to worry about, not someone voluntarily consuming cannabis.

When one is out in public, out doing their day to day business, one never knows where the other person stands. Imagine having an invisible enemy that doesn’t wear a sign or uniform, an enemy cause they would let you go to jail for pot. Just like racist don’t carry signs, ignorance of what the drug laws have done and do, hurts others.

Now imagine a three day festival for pot that averages around 200 thousand people each year, where every individual believes cannabis is a civil right and the curious that see people smoking and just getting along.

Besides the three days of tolerance, Seattle Hempfest has helped establish the legitimacy of cannabis through creating one of the largest platforms for the sick and tired of the drug war and showing that a bunch of hippies can be productive.

Seattle Hempfest can use your dollar to?

If you can’t be there, donate. When one gives or buys from the Seattle Hempfest store, one is helping the year-long process for ten days of taking over Myrtle Edwards Beach in Seattle, Washington. Throughout the year there are permit negotiations, city council planning approvals, and other logistical concerns that involve money and time on the part of the Seattle Core staff. Besides helping the local economy, events like Seattle Hempfest have changed the cannabis conversation, and it needs you.

Go to Seattle Hempfest’s website and browse for your options of how to help and if you live in the Pacific Northwest clear your calendar for August 17,18, and 19.


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