Seattle Hempfest 2018: August 17, 18, and 19

Seattle Hempfest
Seattle HempFest in August 2006, a 1960s-style love-in for all things hemp and marijuana at a waterfront park near downtown. Lots of people, pipes and bongs, hemp-seed brownies, hemp clothing, music and the politics of marijuana legalization -- mixed with sun and the occasional whiff of cannabis, despite the heavy police presence.

The cannabis conversation is continuously changing. State by State citizens are asking for a common sense approach to this non-toxic plant. Each day another person has a story of how it helps treat their ailments. Entertainers create art inspired by this majestic plant and some of its too good not to share. But there’s also the bad shit or as I like to say, the batshit crazy.

There’s never enough time for me to write about all the batshit crazy out there but I try to vet out reputable people and articles to share their story and perhaps get them help by others sharing my shares. The following are just a snippet of this months batshit crazy:

Woman Raped by Jail Gaurd Over a Gram

80 Year old woman incarcerated for her holistic choice

Police Chief Arrested For Possession

No Homegrows In A “Legal” State

Seattle Hempfest is coming and is one of the largest and oldest protestivals. Yes, even in a legal State, protestivals are still necessary. It’s necessary while batshit crazy happens in the United States. Seattle Hempfest has shown that the police and cannabis consumer can get along. It shows that the community and cannabis consumer can live symbolically.

If you would like to put a dent in the batshit crazy, there’s still time to volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. If you can’t do either, follow them on social media and help spread their word. As a responsible cannabis consumer, it’s the least we can all do.

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