Save The Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment, Save Cannabis


Words followed by actions is what makes America great, your ability to make a difference.

With so many agendas on cannabis policy from State to Federal, it’s hard to know how or what makes a difference. One thing we can all agree upon is that any rule that limits law enforcement from prosecuting cannabis people is a good rule and we have very few of those when it comes to the drug war.

The United Coalition of Cannabis Activist is coordinating an effort to stop the repeal the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment that is due to expire on December 8th and is looking for your support. An attempt by the people to stop the judicial bandits and corporate interest (the prison, pharmaceutical, and rehab being the most affected) that continue to create a prison population while keeping the populace ignorant of what should be proper drug policies.


Coalition Call to Action: The Rohrabacher- Farr amendment

Everywhere (November 8, 2017)-The Rohrabacher- Farr amendment referred to as the “respect state marijuana laws” legislation would prevent the federal government from interfering with the “production, possession, distribution, dispensation, administration or delivery of marijuana” if it complies with state law. This amendment is due to expire on December 8, 2017, and has been blocked from receiving floor votes. It appears Trump and Sessions are attempting to ramp up the war on drugs- cannabis, in particular, it is imperative that we the people speak out.

The UCCA has drafted a letter stating the need for this amendment to be allowed to the floor for a vote. We are asking for any individuals, organizations and groups to endorse this letter. You do not have to be cannabis activists or a nonprofit. You just need to care enough about this amendment being renewed and willing to endorse the letter.

Email Becca at with your logo, website address, signature or simply the name of your organization to be included in the endorsement section of this letter.

The United Coalition of Cannabis Activists (UCCA) was born from a desire to unite like-minded groups, organizations, and individuals with the goal of repealing cannabis prohibition worldwide. Separately, much has been accomplished but united we make a statement of standing as one in solidarity as a force unlike ever before in the cannabis world.

So far they have gathered the following endorsements for the Rohrabacher- Farr amendment letter- THSI, VOW, Talk to The Hand and Bleeding Kansas.

The Pessimist

I applaud this effort but am weary, especially when I’ve seen State assets used to prosecute a citizen as I previously wrote about in Is The Drug War Too Big To Fail? It’s hard to have faith in a system when I have seen my state use a federally funded group of law enforcement to persecute and prosecute an individual who was following the same state guidelines 1000 other dispensaries and grows were.

It’s hard to believe in any amendment or law written on paper when a recreationally legal State presented “evidence” to a federal entity who then proceeded to prosecute Lance Gloor by using State and Federal resources for a marijuana provider in Washington State. The fact he was making a profit is not a reason to put a man behind bars for ten years.

The Optimism

Reaching out does help, I’ve seen this work as well. Whether it’s a government official or judge, speaking up and letting them know your opinion does matter, the constituent matters and that’s you. I’ve seen doubts raised, and common sense prevail when there’s a collective effort to contact your Congressman, and this is such a case.

As the old cigarette commercial use to say when talking about rights and perception “We’ve come a long way baby” but we still have a long way to go but this amendment is one of the justest things in our judicial system. If you don’t contact the United Coalition of Cannabis Activist, I urge you to contact your congressional representative and let them know that you support the freedom and common sense.

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