Rocky Mountain Not So High

Montana is one of the most beautiful places you could visit, surrounded by nature there’s a reason they call it God’s country. It’s a state run by cafe conversations of old white men in the State’s capitol and I say this because over 64 percent of the State’s population have proven it’s not full of ignorant rednecks but of people full of common sense and integrity by believing in medical marijuana.

Presently there is an estimated 13,500 medical marijuana patients in Montana, that’s 1.31% of the state’s population fighting for their right to a holistic choice, an American freedom, and this is the conversation those old white men should be having, that or just the overall absurdity of a drug war, the wasted revenue and missed opportunity of income.

Theater of the Absurd

Montana is a prime example of small town politics running a state, especially when over half of the state voted in favor of I-148. The marijuana debate is not a new one in this State, especially when the people pride themselves as being country folk. One of the first campaigns I became aware of to structure the marijuana laws was C-110. A constitutional amendment allowing adults to consume, also known as recreational marijuana. This was back in 2012 and could not tell you more about it but my point is there have been people in Montana trying for years wanting to just want to be law abiding citizens.


It was back in 2011, when I was a traveling technician that I witnessed Montana’s medical marijuana, not from inside a store but roadside via the billboards that offered delivery or certifications. The people of Montana take Washington politics serious thus they thought the Ogden memo gave them carte blanche to act how they felt; soon phone medicinal authorizations became the Achilles heel of what could be an asset to the State.

The green rush hit Montana and it scared people, not because no one went to work but because they weren’t use to seeing signs out in the open like beer ads. They weren’t educated enough that we have an endocannabinoid system and that all use is medicinal use and there’s no reason to be scared of the stoner apocalypse because its already here and has been here even before we were all born. People hide their use or limit their Google searches out of fear of being stigmatized but the truth is marijuana is good for not just our bodies but our peace of mind.

Two Steps forward, one step back

The people of Montana have common sense, its the legislation that has its head up its ass, led by Steve Zabawa (Owner of RimRock Auto out of Billings, Montana) who believes marijuana should be a Schedule I drug which is like believing in Santa Clause as a grown man. People like Steve Zabawa have too much influence over the ignorant but I guess it comes hand in hand with being a used car salesman.

Prohibitionist know they can’t stop this ever growing process but out of reefer madness are trying to slow it down. The fact that politicians don’t make a stance one way or another but say things like “It’s up to the states” shows there’s no real accountability for something that affects millions of American citizens whether it’s medical, recreational, or judicial; friends and neighbors across the nation are being judged and persecuted for it, when it shouldn’t even be an issue.

When I visited Montana back in 2011, it was a beautiful thing, there was a thriving industry. There were people paying there bills, there was people being accepted and respected like when I met a group of people at a resort in Big Sky. Montana is and can be a beautiful place but its also a scary place being influenced and run by the ignorant. Today Montana is kind of scary because they keep creating reasons to fine or throw people into jail. It takes about 40 plants to ensure medicine can be continual and that’s just for one person, not everyone is a gardener.


Over half the population is okay with marijuana which tells me small men with big money are making decisions for the rest of the state. Presently there is an initiative to help restore what was good or at least its a step. Montanans have been fooled by tricky legislation following I-148, what one thinks is extra security for their friend is really more restraints and reasons places close places and accept raids for the sake of “breaking the law”. In 2011 I saw a place open in Missoula and thought wow, this place is doing things the next 6 months I returned only to see it had such down due to new legislation of restraints created by SB423.

I-182 is the initiative to support to create some normalcy to your state’s program and to create the reparations for those previously hurt by your state’s reefer madness. I am not paid to write this support but do this out of love for the state and my friends effected by your reefer madness. Yes there was a flaw found and no, no one special benefits but in the end there is a deadline and the patient clause will go away which is the important part.

Ogden Memo

The Ogden Memo was written in 2009 by the presiding Deputy Attorney General, the highest office in our judicial system, the supposed cop boss because as Americans we’re suppose to believe in at least one thing and that’s our country. The Ogden memo taken in its literal form just states police should worry about other things first before medical marijuana which may have some validity (which does in my opinion).

Everything in politics is vague and some people want to believe in their Constitution but things like Richard Flor’s death, Chris William’s incarceration, Danielle Muggli‘s PTSD, or the Randy Leibenguth raid which led to a trial make it hard that we’re there yet, a civilized nation. If you live in Montana support I-182, its in your best interest, at least this one isn’t supported by one of the bad guys like a used car salesman.

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