Review The Texas Marijuana Voter Guide Before Casting Your Primary Election Ballot

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Below is a message that I received out of Texas today. If you live in Texas, please share the voter guide with everyone that you know that lives in your state:

Primary Election Day is tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6, and voters’ choices will have a huge impact on the future of cannabis policy in Texas. As sweeping change continues around the country, Texans should take a close look at whether candidates will stand for sensible marijuana policy reform.

We’ve done some of the work for you. If you haven’t voted already, please check out our Texas Voter Guide to see where the candidates appearing on your ballot stand on cannabis reform. For more information, including where you can cast your ballot, check out the state’s website here.

If we want to stop the criminalization of cannabis consumers in Texas and allow medical cannabis, it’s crucial that supporters of cannabis reform make their voices heard in Texas politics.

Please forward this message to your networks so your family and friends can also make informed decisions, and be sure to vote tomorrow! Let’s spread the word that Texas is ready for marijuana policy change.


Chris Lindsey
Senior Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

Johnny Green
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