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A long time ago in a galaxy far away known as the State of Washington, a person was allowed to plant a seed. The product of that harvest was either used for personal use or taken to a cannabis market where it was inspected and purchased by a consumer. These markets could make or break you due to your quality. It was here that consumers got to interact with the cannabis and the grower, where brand loyalty could be developed.

How does one get their brand, their product out there for the consumer to have an informed choice? The new answer in Washington State is the secret sesh. Recently I attended an event hosted by Respect My Region, a Washington based lifestyle media brand that is taking over the West Coast with their West Coast Weed Tour.

Events like these are how people looking to be a part of the cannabis industry can network and how brands can prove their quality. These impromptu pop-ups with brands offering their services are going to be an essential part of networking for the mom and pop grows or for two bros as in the case of DNA Gardens. The DNA stands for the two owners names, not deoxyribonucleic acid. Their brand is a double entendre with the slogan “Respect The Cure” which they point out doesn’t necessarily mean medical but also the end of the harvest process that helps make their flower on point. As someone with a sensitive bronchial system, their flower left me breathing better.

Respect The Cure, DNA Gardens

Along with DNA Gardens, one of my favorite brands Mad Mark Farms was representing their flower. I can never get enough of Mad Mark flower or swag. I mean the artistic twist on Mr.Yuck is pretty fucking awesome, along with his shirts that have characters on them representing strains he’s grown like a purple ape for Grape Ape.

mad mark farms

There was also the dab station that consisted of two brands, GLW (Growing Like A Weed), and Bodhi High. The line for this was extremely long, so I didn’t partake as much as I would’ve liked to, but it seemed everyone was having a good time.

Hippie Chic

Besides the smoke machine that was hotboxing a corner of the suite, one other thing that stood out on this secret sesh from others and that was the postcard I was handed to get stamped from booth to booth in hopes to be part of a raffle with gifts from a woman-owned, woman-focused business based out of Tacoma, Hippie Chic.

The Lunch Table Podcast Ep 20 @ The West Coast W33D Tour

?SEATTLE?We're back with the latest hip-hop industry news and discussion.Host Caj Encee is joined by co-host Mitch Pfeifer and Feezable The Germ on Seattle's #1 spot for hip-hop news topics. This week was a special episode. We recorded live during the Respect My Region West Coast W**d Tour stop in Seattle. Sitting in a studio on the 39th floor in the downtown 206 we talked music within the party!Check out episode 20 of ‘The Lunch Table’ podcast ? ? ? Topics:00:50 – Lil Wayne drops the Carter V – did it live up to the hype?08:36 – Riff Raff is coming with the 'Vanilla Gorilla' album09:40 – Do listeners prefer longer or short albums?13:30 – Gary Campbell joints us to talk about local music25:45 – RdmEnt Frenchyoso talks new music33:45 – Mafi D and Frenchyoso 'Mafioso' out now!Make sure to tune in every Monday and let us know what topics should we discuss next week!

Posted by Respect My Region on Monday, October 1, 2018

The above video was a podcast being recorded during the Seattle event. This was just a second stop for the folks of Respect My Region and if you get a chance I recommend getting on their mailing list so you can RSVP for the upcoming events in the following cities Seattle (10/5), Portland (10/10-11), Los Angeles (10/12-13), Tacoma (10/25), Spokane (11/10), Las Vegas (11/14-16), and two TBD dates in the Bay Area, Ca and Vancouver, BC.

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