Respect My Region and All Star Opera Raise Donations and Awareness For The Homeless

RMR High Dive

Working with Mary’s Place, PNW lifestyle website and brand Respect My Region has teamed up with All Star Opera for a second annual Seattle World Tour, hitting up five venues across Seattle to give 5 amazing shows with 16 bands.

Our friends over in Blazing Washington caught the first event and they were not disappointed. Today (1/12/2019) is the last show being held in Columbia City Theatre, so it’s not too late to catch a great show for a great cause.

If you can’t make it, I recommend that you follow Respect My Region to be able to participate in a Respect My Region event. These guys aren’t only taking over the West Coast but they are eyeing the world as cannabis reform happens, Respect My Region will be there helping to promote the culture.

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