Reefer Madness 2.0

Getting two teenagers off to school in the morning is a pain in the ass, so when both of them are out the door that’s when I can turn on some mindless dribble on TV and smoke a bowl before I leave for work. On the morning of 4/26 as I was savoring my sanity is when I saw reefer madness 2.0 on The Today Show.


Call it what you will fake news, alternative facts, or propaganda, I just think it’s a damn shame. A damn shame that a network would rather promote day drinking with Kathie Lee and Hoda than a sane approach to all drugs in general, things like personal responsibility.

The network encourages day drinking as socially acceptable because their advertisers don’t care that marijuana can still be demonized in an ignorant world. The Today Show is systematic of the ongoing cultural brainwashing we have here in America. Where Beer-thirty is for grown-ups but 420 is for the ignorant and childish, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Of course, there are more people testing positive in car crashes in a legal world, just like you will find more gay married men being in deadly accidents since it was never allowed before it was at a minimum, now it’s an accepted social norm; the point being is testing positive is not effect when it comes to testing positive for marijuana.

One of the crusaders of prohibition referenced in the story is a mother who lost her son when a man made an illegal turn and pleaded out because his actions caused the death of another individual. I feel for the mother and the guy who committed this heinous accident, but the marijuana did not make this man commit an illegal turn, being a bad driver did.

As an American, we’re taught that we have a say in the world, but any nationalist would say the same thing “My country is better than yours because of X, but we do have an X”. We are taught that as a citizen you can file the proper paperwork and make a living at what you want to do, live the American dream, to live in a safe space. A place where ignorance can’t be used against us, where our children aren’t being fed bullshit but are given a reality where they can make the best judgements.

I ask that mainstream media stop presenting marijuana legalization as the impending zombie apocalypse and to think about the betterment of our society as a whole. Recently April 20th has passed and on this day I always reflect on why it’s important, I share with you those thoughts as we fight reefer madness 2.0.


4/20 is a smoke signal to people like me that you’re not alone or completely bonkers, viewed as grown men who haven’t grown up when in fact the issue is deadly serious.

With each puff on 4/20 a smoke signal is sent into the air.

A smoke signal that you’re on the right side of history.
A smoke signal to the police, please don’t be on the wrong side – of history.

It’s not just a celebration but an observation of how a law of a plant has affected so many. An observation of how easily the world, a nation, has been manipulated into believing “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”.

Drinking and doughnuts, things that when taken too far can kill but not marijuana.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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