Red Pill, Blue Pill, Green Leaf


Whether you were hoping for a red or blue turnout, it was the green one I cared about the most. Sure I was watching results in Texas, Georgia (Dear FBI; Look at this one.), and New Jersey but it was cannabis who was the real MVP this election cycle, again. I’m tone deaf to most of the issues presented by both sides, I have yet to meet an immigrant I fear, and ISIS hasn’t been an issue within the United States, nor do I care about Israel or the middle east but I do care about freedom and progress which this election has shown we are making.

Cannabis is The Real MVP

Before the recent election, cannabis blogger/activist Tom Moreno asked Steve DeAngelo how one could vote for or even defend Dana Rohrabacher? Not satisfied with Steve’s response, Tom has been on a Twitter tirade over cannabis advocates support for Rohrabacher.

Up until this year, all I’ve known about Dana Rohrabacher was the Rohrabacher-Farr Amendment. That was until the This is America episode on guns, where he proved to be just another political tool, but the same year, he spoke at Seattle Hempfest. People will argue that the Republican vote encourages the suppression of color, LGBTQ, and other minorities but if it’s a green vote, it will raise all of them. Cannabis enables hardworking people from disenfranchised communities; it gives everyone a leg up who is willing to put in time and effort. Let us not forget that our present-day parties roots are the opposite of what they stand for now. Somehow some religious agenda took over the Republican party, the party that ended slavery while the Democrats stand for equality when they were the ones that formed the Confederate States of America. We truly live in the upside down but a vote for legalization is a vote for America.

We live in a corrupt world, and as long as someone can oversee election results in an election they are part of than legalization is just as important because the plant doesn’t care if you’re white, black, brown, poor, rich, straight, gay, crooked, it requires patience and knowledge. It only cares that you care.

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