Over the years as I have fought numerous drug war debates online, I have used my shortlink service, rad-r.us, to collect websites that are invaluable for debunking drug war mythology.

Here are some of my favorites (last update: March 10, 2017) – all you have to do is type rad-r.us before each of the entries (e.g., to see my debate with Kevin Sabet, type rad-r.us/Sabet). Or just use rad-r.us to jump straight to the stream for my live podcast.

Note: Capitalization matters!

  1. /420Origin = How 420 came to mean pot smoking
  2. /420Wish = “Radical” Russ’s Amazon Wishlist for studio equipment
  3. /ALhohner = Debunking of claim that Abraham Lincoln played harmonica while smoking weed
  4. /ALprohib = Newspaper clipping proving Abraham Lincoln’s Anti-Prohibition Quote is fake
  5. /AZ-CRMLA = Arizona’s failed 2016 legalization initiative (PDF)
  6. /azprop205 = Arizona’s failed 2016 legalization initiative
  7. /Ballotdb = National Conference on State Legislatures’ ballot database
  8. /botec = Original estimation of the price of weed in Seattle by BOTEC Analysis
  9. /CA-AUMA2 = California’s amended legalization initiative (PDF)
  10. /CA-MCLR = California’s failed 2016 Marijuana Control, Legalization, and Revenue Act
  11. /Cancerdb = National Cancer Institute’s database
  12. /CA-price = RAND report showing that legalizing marijuana in California will drop the price 80%
  13. /caprop64 = California’s legalization initiative
  14. /cdcyrbs = Youth Risk Behavior Survey by the CDC
  15. /CO-charges = Drug Policy Alliance 2015 report showing ALL marijuana charges dropped in Colorado
  16. /ColeMemo = The US DOJ memo allowing for marijuana legalization in the states
  17. /CO-price = Westword article on the falling prices for legal marijuana in Colorado
  18. /CopsShotDogs = Facebook page cataloguing dogs shot by the police
  19. /DEAschedule = Drug Enforcement Administration’s schedule of controlled substances
  20. /dsm-five = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Volume V
  21. /eudrugs = European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
  22. /ForfeitureRpt = Report on the abuse of civil asset forfeiture
  23. /forshona = Fundraising page for Shona Banda
  24. /Foundersdb = Database of writings by the Founding Fathers
  25. /HartDUID = Dr. Carl Hart on how positive marijuana tests do not indicate impairment
  26. /hempcbdscam = Project CBD’s takedown of hemp-derived CBD
  27. /KIROtest = Washington TV test of marijuana-using drivers features patient who drives “borderline” only when reaching 56ng/mL
  28. /LungCancer1 = Study showing marijuana consumers have less risk of lung cancer
  29. /LungCancer2 = Washington Post article on Dr. Donald Tashkin finding protective effect against lung cancer
  30. /MA-CRMLA = Massachusetts’ legalization initiative (PDF)
  31. /mamjmile = Massachusetts TV test of marijuana-using drivers
  32. /maquestion4 = Massachusetts’ legalization initiative
  33. /ME-CRMLA = Maine’s legalization initiative (PDF)
  34. /mequestion1 = Maine’s legalization initiative
  35. /mj2016 = Collection of all 2016 legalization initiatives
  36. /MJBallot = Ballotpedia’s comprehensive database of marijuana-related ballot initiatives
  37. /MJBomber = Prohibitionist blaming Boston bombing on weed
  38. /mjbroll = Drug Policy Alliance’s well-shot marijuana b-roll footage
  39. /MJCancer = PubMed search of all studies related to cannabis and cancer
  40. /mjgateway = TIME article detailing the debunking of the gateway drug myth about marijuana
  41. /MJMarch = Locations for the cities participating in the Global Cannabis March, first Saturday in May
  42. /MJ-price = US marijuana prices
  43. /MJProCon = ProCon.org’s comprehensive table of state medical marijuana programs
  44. /MTFdata = Monitoring the Future drug use tables (2016)
  45. /nhtsa93 = National High Traffic Safety Administration 1993 report showing marijuana has “little effect” on driving performance
  46. /NHTSADUID = National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s fact sheet on cannabinoids and driving
  47. /NV-CRMLA = Nevada’s legalization initiative (PDF)
  48. /nvquestion2 = Nevada’s legalization initiative
  49. /orsummit = Documentation of Kevin Sabet’s shenanigans in the 2014 Oregon marijuana election
  50. /potuspot = Investigation of which US presidents smoked pot
  51. /prop64myths = Debunking info for California’s legalization
  52. /questdrugs = Quest Diagnostics’ drug testing index
  53. /RBSEvents = Calendar of events for The Russ Belville Show
  54. /retireK9 = Drug-sniffing dogs get retired in the states with legalized marijuana
  55. /Sabet = “Radical” Russ’s 2012 debate with Kevin Sabet at The Baker Institute
  56. /sabet3k = Documentation of Kevin Sabet’s $3,000 personal appearance fees
  57. /SabetAMA = Kevin Sabet’s Reddit Ask Me Anything
  58. /SabetIQ = Debunking Kevin Sabet’s claims about marijuana and intelligence
  59. /sabettour = Documentation of Kevin Sabet’s 2014 Oregon Marijuana Education Tour
  60. /SoberDUID = WestWord’s William Breathes tests at 15ng/mL upon awaking sober
  61. /TJveranda = Debunking of claim that Thomas Jefferson smoked weed on his veranda
  62. /WA-price = Washington Post on legalization affecting marijuana prices
  63. /welfaredrugtest = National Conference on State Legislatures information on states drug testing for welfare
  64. /welfarefacts = Department of Health & Human Services 2010 stats on welfare recipients
  65. /WilkMemo = The US DOJ memo allowing for marijuana legalization in Indian Country
  66. /yeshr1227 = Petition for the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017