Putting The Sesh In Sessions

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By Spencer Ward

The marijuana industry is notoriously creative. Perhaps the best known example of this is the wild and wacky nomenclature of marijuana strains. Some are wholly original and head-scratching, like Stardawg, while others are familiar but pointed, such as Gorilla Glue (now abbreviated GG due to a trademark lawsuit by the manufacturer of Gorilla Glue). It comes as little surprise that 2018’s most talked about strain may be a pun on Jeff Sessions.

Sessions has famously become the most out-of- touch politician on marijuana since Harry Anslinger. According to him, good people don’t smoke marijuana and the KKK would be okay if it did not. In the annals of history, the stupid as well as the brilliant are remembered for their folly. Thus, it is fate that a strain mockingly carries on his Prohibitionist legacy.

There are a few breeders who have put the sesh in Sessions. One of them is Ilo Ferroggario, owner of Lotus Family Farms in Sheridan, Oregon. Ilio is somewhat of a pioneer– he got his greenthumb in 1984. He has spent his life as a grower, breeder, entrepreneur, and freedom fighter. Like many in the trade, Ilo’s life was impacted by the drug war. In 1989, he was arrested for cultivation and incarcerated. That experience, as well as his long-simmering frustration with marijuana’s public enemy number one, are what inspired Ilo to create the Sessions strain in 2016.

A cross of Free Leonard and CBD GodBud, Ilo put his heart and soul into this sublime and peaceful hybrid. He chose Free Leonard, an old school cross of Hawaiian Butterscotch and G13, because of the fight for freedom Leonard Pelchar represents, a struggle Ilo and many victims of the war on drugs can relate to.  CBD Godbud, a cross of Harelquin and Godbud, was picked to give Jeff Sessions a taste of his own medicine, his Christian faith. Ilo spoke of how the Great Flood of the Old Testament wiped away all the evil of the earth and left it only with things that are pure and good. To Ilo, the Sessions strain represents the goodness of marijuana as it’s caught in the balance between freedom and tyranny.

With over 20 different terpenes, its fruity and butterscotch taste will delight and leave you danked out. It is also rich in CBD and a favorite of many medical patients. You can find Lotus Family Farm’s Session strain at 420ville in Huntington, OR and at Going Green in Grand Ronde, OR. And for the Greenthumbs, a limited release of these seeds is being done at Green Oaks Dispensary in Oakridge, OR. Contact Lotus Family Farms for more information.

Most recently, Medicine Man in Denver, Colorado released their own Sessions-inspired strain in February of this year. Called Sess-ons, a hybrid of Jetfuel and Biodiesel, it is a sativa-dominant hybrid and only in limited supply at Medicine Man in Denver, Colorado. If you’re a Colorado consumer, get in there before it’s gone! It’s like that saying “take that in your pipe and smoke it” is playing out right before our eyes. Irony never felt so high.


Author bio: Spencer is a longtime cannabis advocate, hiking enthusiast, and current Treasurer of Denver NORML. If he isn’t hiking somewhere in the Rockies, he’ll likely be found at a live show. Spencer is a firm believer that cannabis and an active lifestyle go hand-in-hand.

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